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not sure why your car is not starting or why you have a transmission leak, but I cant think of any way a problem with the transmission can cause your engine not to start, you most likely have 2 different and separate problems. You might want to include more info on your engine problem such as what happens when you try to start. does it turn over?

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Q: What does it mean when your vehicle will not start at all and it leaks transmission fluid?
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Does a manual transmission on a Saturn sl1 have to have fluid in it to engage starter?

Your manual transmission does not have to have fluid in it in order to start the engine. Theoretically you can start the engine with the transmission out of the vehicle totally. That being said.... Its not a good idea to start the engine if there is no fluid in the transmission just in case someone tries to move the vehicle by putting it in gear. You do not want to drive the vehicle with no fluid in the trans.

What kind of tool do you use to check transmission fluid on a 2000 Honda Passport?

well...a wrench and you. The 2000 Passports don't have a dipstick to check the transmission fluid like you'd expect. To check the transmission fluid you have to get under the vehicle. On the transmission fluid pan there is a fill plug. Take out the fill plug (with the engine off) and using a syringe inject fluid in the hole until is leaks out. Then start the engine let it run a few minutes and put more fluid in until it leaks out again. Put the plug back in and PRESTO! :P

My Transmission slips when passing other cars with my Pontiac Transport Van?

start by checking the transmission fluid level when the vehicle is at normal operating temp

Transmission fluid leak car in storage?

Sometimes when a vehicle is stored for aperiod of time transmission seals shrink and start to leak from lack of use

What would cause a car to start but not move either front or back?

Check the transmission fluid level. This happened to me when the transmission oil was really low. I had to add about 4 quarts before the vehicle would move in either direction. Usually that's a transmission problem (assuming it's an automatic). Check the transmission fluid level. If the fluid is low you might be able to get the vehicle to run by adding fluid. If the fluid is low, check for leaks to keep it from happening again. If the fluid is black or dark red (red with blackened tint) your transmission has been slipping and has failed. If it's a "stick" shift, you'll probably need a new clutch/pressure plate.

Would a car not start if it was low on transmission?

No, the engine is not dependent on the transmission or transmission fluid in order to start & run.

True or false a vehicle automatic transmission can start either in park or neutral?

It is true that a vehicle with an automatic transmission can start in either park or neutral.

Three Common Automotive Transmission Problems?

For those who have a vehicle currently experiencing a transmission problem, getting a professional to perform the automotive transmission repair is the easiest way to fix the problem. Automotive repairs can be very complex, and a vehicle's transmission is no different. Many problems can go wrong, such as a fluid leak, transmission slipping, and general overheating. From this article, a general insight into common transmission problems should be gained.Fluid LeaksAlthough leaking fluid may seem like a minor problem, a transmission that leaks fluid may experience much bigger problems if left unfixed. Many reasons may be causing a fluid leak. Anything from a broken seal to a loosened filter tube can cause the transmission to leak. These are not the only causes of fluid leaks, and the fluid leak is not the only common problem experienced by transmissions.Transmission SlippingBesides fluid leaks, transmission slipping is the most common problem car owners experience with their transmissions. Like the fluid leak, many different sources could be causing the transmission to slip. Generally transmission slipping results from abnormal RPM increases or from abruptly down-shifting. Transmission slipping can generally be avoided, but a trained professional would be able to check out the transmission fluid levels and seals to ensure the transmission is in working order.OverheatingWhen a transmission experiences too much strain, the result can be overheating. Things like stop-and-go traffic can aggravate overheating, as well as hauling too heavy of a load with a vehicle. Overheating can be prevented, but if a car experiences transmission overheating, the metal parts that make up the transmission can start to bend and the sealants in the transmission can also harden. Neither of these are desirable, and may require the services of a automotive transmission repair professional.Without a working transmission, a car would be unable to switch gears or operate in a safe manner. The most common problems car owners experience with their vehicle's transmission is fluid leaks, transmission slipping, and overheating. All of these can at first seem like no big deal, but if left unfixed or completely ignored, these minor problems can end up costing a car owner much more money in the long-run. Before the problem gets out of hand, anyone whose care is experiencing problems should contact an automotive transmission repair specialist.

1995 Eagle Summit 1.8 Liter with automatic transmission suddenly behaves as if always in neutral with no unusual noises and no prior symptoms?

The first thing to check is transmission fluid level. Start the car and let it warm up to normal running temperature. With the engine still running, pull the dipstick for the transmission fluid and verify that it's in the "hot" range. If you are low on fluid, look for any transmission fluid leaks. Look primarily around the oil seals where the axel enters the transmission, and inspect the gasket for the transmission pan.

How will a car with low transmission fluid run?

It will start to slip

Why fluid leaks under my 2003 Grand Caravan when you start your airconditioning unit?

That is condensation. This is normal.

Why does a transmission not shift correctly?

be more specific, but start by checking the fluid

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