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What does it mean when your vehicle will not start at all and it leaks transmission fluid?


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2004-05-11 18:39:46
2004-05-11 18:39:46

not sure why your car is not starting or why you have a transmission leak, but I cant think of any way a problem with the transmission can cause your engine not to start, you most likely have 2 different and separate problems. You might want to include more info on your engine problem such as what happens when you try to start. does it turn over?


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Your manual transmission does not have to have fluid in it in order to start the engine. Theoretically you can start the engine with the transmission out of the vehicle totally. That being said.... Its not a good idea to start the engine if there is no fluid in the transmission just in case someone tries to move the vehicle by putting it in gear. You do not want to drive the vehicle with no fluid in the trans.

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well...a wrench and you. The 2000 Passports don't have a dipstick to check the transmission fluid like you'd expect. To check the transmission fluid you have to get under the vehicle. On the transmission fluid pan there is a fill plug. Take out the fill plug (with the engine off) and using a syringe inject fluid in the hole until is leaks out. Then start the engine let it run a few minutes and put more fluid in until it leaks out again. Put the plug back in and PRESTO! :P

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Check the transmission fluid level. This happened to me when the transmission oil was really low. I had to add about 4 quarts before the vehicle would move in either direction. Usually that's a transmission problem (assuming it's an automatic). Check the transmission fluid level. If the fluid is low you might be able to get the vehicle to run by adding fluid. If the fluid is low, check for leaks to keep it from happening again. If the fluid is black or dark red (red with blackened tint) your transmission has been slipping and has failed. If it's a "stick" shift, you'll probably need a new clutch/pressure plate.

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Sometimes when a vehicle is stored for aperiod of time transmission seals shrink and start to leak from lack of use

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start by checking the transmission fluid level when the vehicle is at normal operating temp

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