What does it means if you keep getting a bump on your eyelid?

It could either be a stye or a chalazion.

An eye stye is simply an infection or inflammation of one of the oil or sebaceous glands that lies along the edge of the eyelid. Eye sties appear as painful red lumps and then develop heads of whitish pus. They are not contagious and cannot be passed from person to person.

Children tend to develop sties more often than adults, probably because children's glandular secretions are more erratic, especially during puberty, and children tend to be less careful about keeping their hands clean and away from their eyes.

Sties are usually treated with plain hot compresses, although you could also use a boric acid solution. When treatment is begun early - right after a sty is first noticed - it will usually clear up in a couple of days.

A chalazion is a clogged mucus or oil gland which continues to increase in pressure making the bump enlarge and get harder until the plug is forced out