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See a doctor.

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Is it healthy to have itchy bumps on the pubic area without sexual contact?

it means you have aids

What does the package means?

The slang term package means the man's private area

After shaving your pubic area you now have small bumps in the area?

the bumps are what the hair comes or grows out of

Why does your private area have little red bumps and it itches and burns after you shave it with a razor?

It's probably just irritation from the razor or ingrown hairs. If you don't already, you need to use some kind of shaving gel. After you've shaved, put some moisturiser on it as well. This should help

Your cat is bleeding from her private area?

If a cat is bleeding from her private area then that means the cat is in heat. A cat will be heat once each month.

Why do you get bumps on your vaginal area?

It might be infected.

What does it mean when hamsters blood from their bottoms?

if its a female, it will probably be coming from her private area. this means she has her period.

What does gee means in Irish?

It is a very slang term for .... a woman's ... uhm ... area - the private one.

What does one big pack means?

If guys say that while laughing they are talking about their private area.

What does posted no trespassing mean?

"No Trespassing" means that you are not allowed to enter a private area without permissions.

Are red bumps on a turkey's neck normal or a sign of illness?

Most likely normal. They have bumps on the skin in that area.

What causes puss bumps in the vaginal area?


What is the area of Burns Court Historic District?

The area of Burns Court Historic District is 80,937.128448 square meters.

Is herpes painful on the private area?

Herpes is painful on the private area.

What If U Have Bumps On What if your Vagina area?

If you have bumps around your vaginal area going to a doctor would be the best things to do. It could be one of a few things, non of which would be pleasant.

What muscle burns the most fat?

Muscles in you leg area burns the most!

What is the area of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park?

The area of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is 15.225 square kilometers.

What is the Groin area?

It is your private area.

What are two small bumps on the back of the tongue in the tonsil area?

The two small bumps at the back of the mouth in the tonsil area are called hamulii. They are not actually on the tongue, they are located in the corners of the soft palate.

What does it mean when amale dog is bleeding from his private area?

it means you should go to the vet because that should not be happenings

Woman private parts?

A woman's private parts is considered to be her vaginal area and her breasts. The reproductive area on the body and the breast area are what people consider to be "private parts"

How do you get rid of sweat bumps on your thighs?

The best thing I've found for sweat bumps or heat rash bumps is to cleanse the area with Stridex. It helps to open the sweat glands or pores and to dry them up.

What if you see bumps near your penis in the pubic area?

Get CHECKED immediately!

Why do you get internal bumps around the vaginal area?

This can be caused by a yeast infection or a STD.

What would cause bumps to grown into an area that was once a cut?

if you pick at your scabs

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