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What does it really mean when a woman says she sees something good in you?


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This normally means that she is just wanting to be friends.

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to be good at something or to have skill at something. to be good at anything, really.

it means that something is really good or really well built.

That you're really good at something, or that you're just right for something.

Are you in a relashionship with him? If so, then he means hes in love. if not, he means your his favorite friend or something like that like really close or something

It means that someone saved someone's life or did something really important and good.

he really loves you, he's in it for the good stuff or he just wants something from you

It means it is something you can do well and are really good at. It should mean you are natural at doing something, just like water is a natural habitat for a fish.

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A woman who tempts someone to do something, typically a sexually attractive woman

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It must mean that they're really into you

It means that they probably REALLY fancy each other.

It means your chicken but if you add there one letter kurva it is really bad insult for woman means something like prostitute.

It is something that is not really usefull =)

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it means that she really loves you

That You Really Mean Something....When U Say It Your Not Kidding....

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a really hot woman...more than mamacita

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it means not really or something like that

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