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What does it take to be a detective?

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Ingenuity, intelligence, skills, interrogation skills. Really, you just need to stay at school. Really.

Intellect, instinct, and book knowledge. Confidence, faith, and a little luck.

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What is the Latin word for detective?

The latin word for Detective is to take the roof off meaning To take off what is coverd up GOT THIS ANSWER FROM A DETECTIVE BOOK

In what city do Poe's detective stories take place?

Read more: what city do Poe's detective stories take place#ixzz2OIiLCKvd

How do you become a detective on Club Penguin?

You have to be on there for 30 days I think and then you have to take a test. I know that's what they did for me when I became a Detective.

How many years does it take to be a detective?

5 years

Should you be a navy Seal or Detective?

Navy SEAL. If you can take it.

What are the release dates for Official Detective - 1957 Take Him Alive 1-6?

Official Detective - 1957 Take Him Alive 1-6 was released on: USA: 1957

What are good forensic questions to ask a detective?

Do I have to go to a four year college?What courses other than criminal justice do I have to take to become a Detective? What can I do now to help me be ready to become a Detective?

How do you spell detective?


What classes can i take to to be a homicide detective?

Criminal Justice. That might get you to where you want to go.

What is short for 'detective'?

PI - Private Detective DI - Detective Inspector (Police) DS - Detective Sargent (Police) DC - Detective Constable (Police) TDC - Training Detective Constable (Police)

What are the release dates for Detective Detective Detective - 2014?

Detective Detective Detective - 2014 was released on: USA: 29 March 2014 (Los Angeles, California)

What is the word 'detective' in welsh?

Detective = Detectif

What actors and actresses appeared in Detective Detective Detective - 2014?

The cast of Detective Detective Detective - 2014 includes: Adam McCabe as Morocco Casey Sanford as Mistaken Woodsman

What are some detective jokes?

Why did the detective kill someone? answer:because he is a detective

What is a detective?

A detective is someone that solves crimes. A detective looks for answers.

What do a stalker and detective have in common?

spy on people follow people snoop for info take pictures

Do you need to got to college to become a detective?

Yes of course you need to take criminal justice

Do you have to take a test before you become a detective?

you need to do a test to see if you know anything about detectives.

How can be join good detective agency?

I want to join detective agency as a detective.

What high school courses to take to be computer detective?

Computer detective isn't a job that exists. I recommend writing and literature classes so you can fantasize about whatever you imagine this mysterious profession doing.

What is a proper noun for detective?

The proper noun for the common noun detective would be the title of or name of a specific detective, such as Detective Lennie Briscoe.

How can we distinguish between the 'detective' and the 'suspense' novel?

Detective novels have a detective or someone who is trying to solve a crime like a detective. Suspense novels just have cliff hangers and an air of mystery. Basically, detective novels can be suspense novels if they are suspenseful. Suspense novels can be detective novels if they have a detective or someone solving a mystery.

Funny detective names?

Chinese Detective I.C Yu Ukranian Detective B.Hiendchu Unsuccessful Detective Imar Reitarrd Crazy Taiwanese Detective Shu Chu Lazy Detective Knot Bofferd Greedy Detective Phil Mapoccets Fat Detective Stuf Maphace Bad Tempered Japanese Detective Fook Offe Dick Gumshoe Bennie Love Die Donald Non' Cool

Do you have to be a police officer before you become a detective?

A police detective, yes. A private detective, maybe not.

Why did Edgar Allan Poe create the detective story?

because he was a detective person