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I am not sure but he may have realized that you guys are better off as friends..He may like you but like someone else at the same time so by saying something like this he has you around too...How did the relationship start?Were you guys best friends before you guys were boyfriend girlfriend?These are the key questions..

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โˆ™ 2006-02-28 16:27:30
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Q: What does it truly mean when a guy says 'let's just be best friends' to end the relationship?
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How do you help a couple that act just like friends?

What do you mean? Couples who are friends first are the best relationship to have.

What would happen if people went from best friends to just friends?

Sometimes people go from being best friends to just friends because their lives take different paths, but it can still be a meaningful relationship.

How can you have a secret relationship?

If you believe it was meant to be a secret act like you are just friends or just act normal as if you don't know the person but if you think about it do your friends need to know and what about family if it is serious you should talk to the ones you truly care about! :)

What do you do when your best friend is in love with you?

As best friends, you already love each other. But if you have strong feelings for that person and " truly love" them back , then consider dating or having a deeper relationship. If you don't share the same feelings, then tell them "I love you too, your such a great friend." Its a perfect, indiscreet way to say you just wanna be best friends and nothing more.

How do you put the past behind you after a two-year relationship and salvage a friendship if you were best friends prior to the relationship?

It's seldom you can go back to being just friends when you've been involved in a sexual relationship. It's best to move on from this and let him do the same.

Why is it best to be just friends?

Its not. Its best to be just friends with benefits;)

Does g dragon and sandara have a relationship?

No,if your relationship meant dating.They are just friends,awkward friends.

Why can't a girl and guy just be best friends without the accusation of a romantic relationship from others?

It's just harmless teasing, because they know that it embarrases or gets to you. You learn to ignore it. they can just be friends

Are scotty and Lauren in a relationship?

NO WAY! They are just really close friends, and just because Lauren kissed Scotty on American Idol it was just because Scotty won but other than that they are the best of friends!

Can a guy truly be just friends with a girl?

Of course! my just friend is a girl! dont be ashaimed! lots of guys have just friends girls.

In love with best friend?

Is he/she in love with you? Does he/she act like you two people are just good friends? Think of how he/she may react to your news, do you want to be just friends because once you tell him/her the news the ' just friends' stage of your relationship could end. If this person you love is someone who can understand you and likes your honesty, I suggest you Tell him/her how you feel. If you think by telling him/her this news may ruin the relationship you have, then I suggest you stay just as friends and meet a new person who may be happy to be friends and just let the relationship start from there.

Is Christian edge's brother?

no they are just best friends no they are just best friends

How do you talk your friend into letting you be his first?

Well, if you truly want to give this person the gift of a relationship, the best approach would be to just ask him directly.

How do you make sims go from best friends to just friends on freeplay?

The fastest way to downgrade the relationship statues of Sims is to make one of them be rude to the other.

What do you do when you are best friends with the girl you love but you don't want to be just friends?

Tell her how you feel. If she feels the same way, then you are in luck and can proceed with the usual going-out-relationship. If not, then you will always be friends anyway.

Is Victoria Justice in a relationship with kendall schmidt?

No, they are just best friends, even thought they would make a cute couple

Does a good relationship start with being friends?

Well, most relationship always starts with friendship. You get to know first the person and be-friend with her or him then when love comes your way it'll end up as the best relationship ever not just being friends but as partners for life.

What do you do when you like your best guy friend?

you get to know him... and if you like him, and he truly is not into you, and he is your bestest friend... don't complicate it.. just stay friends till your both ready.

What does you just want to be friends mean?

It means u dont want a relationship with someone, just to be friends

How can I get closer with my crush?

Treat him/her like a best friend but flirt so you can break the friendship barrier :) (if your looking for a relationship) if you not ready for a relationship and just wanting to be friends treat him/her like you would treat your friends. they are a human too, right? -Best of luck :) Dantaelynn Dixon

How do you know he truly likes you?

just depend on how he feel about you just as friends or something else. let him come to you first if he dont then you know he just wont be friends with you .

What a relationship of hikaru and Ino?

They're just friends.

What can you do when your friends irritate you?

Just be honest with them, tell them that they are being annoying and if they truly are your friends then they would understand this and try to stop.

Are Bonnie Wright and Emma Watson best friends?

No they are not best friends they are just friends

How do you impress a girl whom you love but is also your best friend?

if you do want to be in a relationship just tell her that you love her but still want to be friends