What does japan worship?

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Many Japanese people believe in the religion of Shintoism, or Buddhism

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Q: What does japan worship?
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What is the Key Religion of Japan?

The worship of shinto.

Does Japan have Christmas trees?

Japan doesn't even have Christmas. They worship buddha not Jesus.

What god people in japan worship?

Bodhi dharman

How do Japan people celebrate special occasions?

They worship their god

What is the main Shinto place of worship?

Shinto people generally worship in one of the many shrines located around Japan.

Information about a leader of Shinto religion?

Basically, it is worship of a country's leader ...esp in Japan during WW1 and before. Basically, it is worship of a country's leader ...esp in Japan during WW1 and before.

What education did they get in medieval japan?

the only place where you could study was their worship place.

Why was Japan interested in expanding into china?

to establish Shinto shrines and places of worship.

What is the place of worship for Japanese?

There are two widespread points of 'worship;' Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Other religions are represented in Japan, but not to as great extent.

What has the author Ellen Quejada written?

Ellen Quejada has written: 'Phallic worship in Japan'

What has the author Robert John Smith written?

Robert John Smith has written: 'Kurusu' -- subject(s): Case studies, Family life surveys, Rural conditions, Social change, Villages 'Ancestor worship in contemporary Japan' -- subject(s): Ancestor worship, Ancestor-worship, Japan, Religion, Religion and sociology

What is shintoism?

The native religion of Japan and once the state religion.A religion based in Japan, they worship many gods in shrines

Similarity between Shinto in japan and animism in Africa?

The two religions both included the worship of spirits in nature.

What does the imperial seal of japan mean?

Its typical sun worship, just like all the other coat of arms. Look at the nazi's, soviets, english, us coat of arms. Its all sun worship.

What country do citizens respect there elders and worship their ancestors?

Well I think its Japan cuz i have heard that they respect their elders a lot

What is a Japanese church called?

Typically Japan is associated with the religion of Shinto , so there place of worship is called a Shinto shrine.

What are the release dates for JAG - 1995 Hero Worship 7-18?

JAG - 1995 Hero Worship 7-18 was released on: USA: 12 March 2002 Japan: 30 June 2006

What are some cool ancient sites in Japan?

I visited Aoshima Island, which has a 9th century Shinto shrine where people still worship.

Why were Pagodas built?

Pagodas were built as a place to worship in Japan. A pagoda is a place used to house religious artifacts in the Japanese culture.

Where is the place of worship for atheists?

Atheists do not have a place of worship, as we do not worship anything.

Where do you worship?

Catholics worship in a church. Jews worship in a synagogue. Buddhists worship in temple.

How many people worship Shinto?

Between 2-5 million believe in Shintoism. Shinto originated in Japan. This is were most shinto followers live.

How do hindus worship Agni?

They worship it like they worship all.

What gods did they worship and how did they worship them?


Did the egyptians worship dogs?

no, they didnt worship dogs, but they did worship cats.