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What does jeering mean?

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jeering is make fun rudely or unkindly; mock; scoff

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What does the word jeering mean?

Jeering means taunting and being derisive.

What does Tasani mean?

Reviling, rating, flouting, jeering; cutting up,

What is a sentence with the word jeering?

The crowd began jeering at the caged murderer as he was brought out for his public execution.They were jeering at the politician.The rival football teams jeered each other.

What part of speech is the word jeering?

The word jeering is a verb. It is the present participle of the verb jeer.

Why did Taylor Swift sing mean?

Mean is about an experience that Taylor had when she was performing on stage once. There were rude men who were jeering and laughing at her. Thus in her song she says, "All you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life and mean."

What rhymes with steering?


What is a hinky pink for the word sarcastic?

sneering jeering

What does sneering mean?

1. To smile or laugh with facial contortions that express scorn or contempt 2. To speak or write in a scornfully jeering manner

Identify each complete verb The crowd cheering and jeering did not see the storm clouds gathering in the distance?

The crowd, cheering and jeering, did not see the storm clouds gathering in the distance

How do you use the word jeering in a sentence?

the boy jeer for ation

What rhymes with nearing?

Snearing, jeering, cheering, fearing, leering…

What is a six letter word beginning with b that means jeering?


Sentence using word jeer?

My friend was jeering at me during the basketball game

What rhymes with appearing?

clearing, shearing, smearing, searing, fearing, leering, jeering.

Verbs that begin with j?

jogging, jumping, jiggling, jolting, jousting, jeering, jerking, jabbing

What is the complete verb in The crowd cheering and jeering did not see the storm clouds gathering in the distance?

did not see

What did the jeering crowd tell Jesus while he was being crucified?

i think its "if you can save people, then save yourself"

What rhymes with tearing?

If you mean like 'tearing' a piece of paper in half:Bearing, caring, daring, glaring, herring, marrying, pairing, paring, raring, swearing.If you mean like your eyes are 'tearing':Clearing, fearing, gearing, hearing, jeering, leering, nearing, peering, rearing, steering, searing.

What rhymes with cheering?

Jeering, hearing, sneering, nearing...Leering, nearing, meeting, beating, hearing, fearing.^Peering isn't a word.

What another word for mocking?

Some synonyms for the verb mocking are ridiculing, insulting, jeering, kidding, making fun of , needling, scoffing, sneering, taunting, or teasing.

What rhymes with searing?

hearing, fearing, god-fearing, tearing (up), nearing, earing, leering, jeering, sneering, peering,or hearing( like in a court), steering,clearing,

What as the outcome of battle of Chattanooga?

Union victory - through an impulse-charge uphillby the Army of the Cumberland, which had been rescued from starvationby U.S. Grant, and suffered a lot of jeering insults on account of it. This was their answer.

What are some synonyms of the word joking?

Synonyms of the word joking include kidding, mocking and jeering. The word joking infers a funny or humorous connotation but can also hint towards ridicule and bullying.

What rhymes with peering?

Clearing, fearing, gearing, hearing, jeering, leering, nearing, rearing, steering, smearing, tearing (as in getting tears in your eyes), veering. ******** cheering, earring, peering, searing, sheering, spearing

What is the root word for the word illusion?

The word Illusion comes from the French illusion via Latin illūsiōn-em meaning mocking, jeering, (in Vulgate) deceit, illusion, noun of action illūdĕre to illude