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What does KA 1772 mean on a silver necklace

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What does a bracelet stamped with 925 750 Italy mean?

A Bracelet Stamped 925 Italy Means That it is solid Sterling silver...

What does a bracelet stamped with the word silver mean?

it means the metal is made of real silver

What does 925 NO WAX mean on a silver bangle?

i have a bracelet which is stamped 925 on wax, what does this mean

What does 325 stamped on your silver bracelet mean?

I have a bracelet that has 2 locks on the side with 325 rcz on the lock. Can you tell me what that means

You found a Bracelet stamped Sap 925 what does it mean?

925 means the bracelet is sterling silver (92.5% silver and the rest is copper) the Sap is probably the mark of the manufactor

Gold braclet stamped 925 what does this mean?

It is a bracelet made out of sterling silver with a gold plating overlay.

What does ma stamped on 14kt gold mean?

What does ma stamped on gold bracelet mean

What does KW stamped inside a silver bracelet mean?

There is a brand called Key West who put KW in the inside of their bracelets and jewellry

What does ka 1772 stamped on gold mean?

ka 1772 is the maker of the jewelry. they sell it to stores and stores sell it to us.

What do the letters dbj mean stamped on a silver bracelet?

It's a brand name sold on one of the TV shopping networks. Not sure which one.

What does 375 stamped on a silver bracelet mean?

The best thing for you to do is take the bracelet to a jeweler to have a quick test done, to determine if the bracelet is silver or actually the more valuable 9K white gold. I say this because "375" is the European gold content hallmark for 9 karat / 9 carat gold. BTW, if the bracelet were sterling silver the hallmark would read "925". Hope this helps... :)

What does 18KP BRZ stamped on gold jewelry mean?

What is mean brz on gold bracelet

What the rse stamp mean on a bracelet?

I HAVE A bracelet WITH 825 STAMPED ON CLASP. It's so small. i checked it because this looks to have a higher shine, than just a silver 925 bracelet. So is 825 platinum or white gold and what should i get per gram.

What does JC14KGE stamped on silver bracelet mean?

JC is probably the maker but 14KGE is 14K Gold Electoplate. Not gold but covered with a very thin layer of gold.

What does KA 1772 mean on a silver chain necklace?

A stamp of KA 1772 on a silver chain necklace means it was manufactured in Italy. This also means it is composed of sterling silver.

What is 18K RGP stamped on a bracelet mean?

This means Rolled Gold Plated

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