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What does keen mean?

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Keen can have several meaning depending on its place in language, is can mean 'sharp and having a fine cutting edge', or highly developed, or eager or zealous, it can mean sever or acute (as in a keen or acute sense of hearing), it can also mean closely contested or strong. Also 'to be keen on' can mean to have a strong affection for.

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What does keen mean in Australian?

"Keen" can mean either sharp or eager.

What does as keen as mustard mean?

Mustard has a sharp or keen taste. "Keen as mustard" means being sharp-minded.

What rhymes with keen?

sheen, lean, mean, bean, green, jean, keen, ween

What does it mean when the chase is keen?

"The chase is keen." It often referrs to any sort of chase, that is in your favor. Or "keen" can be used such as; "Hello, Sheryl. I'm not to keen on our dinner plans, can we reschedule?"

What does pg keen mean?

It's "Peachy Keen" and it means you are ok Example: Person 1: "Are you feeling ok?" Person 2: "Peachy Keen.."

What rhymes with mean and means smart?


What does the word meer mean?

keen sight

What rhymes with mean but means to scream?


What rhymes with Joaquin?

Keen, Mean, Gleen

What does eagerly mean?

it means when you are keen to do something anything

What does over-acuteness mean?

very keen

What does keen-witted mean?


What does jadore la soupe mean?

I'm keen on soup

What does eagle eyed mean?

It means one has keen eyesight.

What is the as keen as simile?

As keen as mustard or as keen as a kitten

What is the definition of keen?

Sharp ANSWER 2 Keen means intelligent. It can also be a verb and mean to wail or sob loudly. For example: "The woman saw that her child was dead and began to keen." Keen is also a slang word from the 50's and 60's and it means great, wonderful, good, cool. A teenager might remark, " That is a keen guitar you have."

What does perspicacious mean?

1. having keen mental perception and understanding; discerning: to exhibit perspicacious judgment. 2. Archaic. having keen vision.

What does keen mean in simple words?

having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm

How do you use keen in a sentence?

Keen is an adjective. It is used to describe a noun or a pronoun as sharp, or finely sharpened. Examples include a keen edge, keen wind, keen eyes, keen mind.

What countries rhyme with mean?

there is no country that rhymes mean, for if there was I would be keen, alas there are the marines, that really aren't that mean. - the rhymer

What is the opposite of keen?


Is it keen on or keen of?

The expression is to be "keen on" something or someone, if you are an enthusiast or a lover.

What does Japanese phrase keen mo ta mean in English?

This does not appear to be Japanese.

Are they other words that mean eager?

Keen, enthusiastic, intent, impatient, determined?

What does it mean when you ask a guy out and his answer is yeah maybe Saturday?

means he`s not that keen