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"We got together, you know, as just songwriters. Became friends and started writing songs. And we wanted to put up a MySpace page. So we wanted to take pictures to put on MySpace to get people's attention, and we ended up going out outside of Nashville to this little town. It's this historic town called Franklin, Tennessee, and there's tons of antebellum homes with the columns, like, from Gone With the Wind. And we ended up in front of these houses, and Charles, the other lead singer in the group, he kind of looked back through the pictures and said, "Wow, that's a really beautiful antebellum home." And I said, "What does that mean?" I didn't know what it meant. But after he explained it to me, I was like, "Oh, yeah. It is. It's really pretty." And he goes, "Isn't that a cool word?" And then we just put a bunch of words in front of it, and "Lady" is what stuck. "

"Antebellum" - Latin for 'before' = "ante", Latin for 'war' = 'bellum" thus the phrase means 'before the war' or 'pre-war', in this case, specifically, the American Civil War.

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Q: What does Lady Antebellum mean?
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