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It could mean that your waters are beginning to break, so you should be checked by a doctor or midwife.

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Q: What does leaking clear fluid in the 8th month of pregnancy mean?
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Related questions

Whats is clear fluid leaking while pregnant in the 5th month?

This fluid is know as colostrum and happens as the body prepares for the birth of your baby.

What is is the reason of leaking fluid in 9th month?

its normal

When does a pregnant women start leaking?

It is different for everyone - some in the first month of pregnancy, others in the last month

Does a stretchy white and clear vaginal discharge mean you are pregnant?

No, not necessarily. This is the exact description of normal cervical fluid that comes every month during ovulation. However, white, clear vaginal discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy.

When a pregnant women starts having milk in her breast?

as early in your 8th month pregnancy milk will starts leaking in your breast .

Is it normal for your nipples to peel and crack during your fourth month of pregnancy and what can you do about it?

Yes you can have chapping, are you leaking a little fluid from your nipples? they sell a cream for nursing it looks like vasaline and you will have to buy nursing pads so as not to ruin any bra's or shirts but it will work.

What is the earliest in pregnancy you will produce breast milk?

I started leaking colostrum when I was about 12 weeks along. Then I started leaking milk in my 7th month. It depends on your body ... some people never leak at all.

When do you start leaking milk from your breast while pregnant?

I am at 33 weeks, and I started leaking around middle of 2nd trimester. Usually most women start to produce their milk during the last month or so of pregnancy.

You are 18 weeks pregnant and you have an 18 month old son as well so this is not your first pregnancy is it normal that your breasts are VERY slowly leaking a clearish liquid?


Is it a sign of pregnancy if your body starts leaking breast milk when you have a three-year-old?

I have a 19 month old that I stopped feeding at 10 months. I just started leaking a bit of milk last week and just today I found out that I'm pregnant. Yes it could be a sign of pregnancy or a nipple infection. See your doctor and do a test.

What color is colostrum in the 5th month of pregnancy?

I am 20 weeks and producing colostrum. Depending on the duct from which it is expressed - it is clear, white, or bright yellow.

What is menstrual fluid?

It is the lining from your uterus. It is a blood like substance. Your body sheds the uterus lining once every month to get the body ready for pregnancy.

What information can you get from amniotic fluid?

Amniotic fluid is 98% water and 2% salts and cells from the baby. Low levels of amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios) can cause complications in pregnancy, Oligohydramnios can cause complications. amniotic fluid is made by the mother's body. After month 4, the baby starteto make a contribution to the amniotic fluid by urinating into it.

Leaking breast milk in the 7th month of pregnancy?

This is completely normal, usually breast milk will start to leak around 12-14 weeks but will not be fully prominent until around the birth of the baby.

Do you have a 3 month pregnancy scan?

i have no menus from three month but i check urine pregnancy but negate

Could you still be pregnant if you missed a whole month then a week and a day later started your period which has clear sticky fluids?

Then why did I miss my whole month then almost a week and a half later start my period with sticky clear fluids. I have been having pregnancy symptoms and my stomach has gotten somewhat larger.

Is low blood pressure normal in the ninth month of pregnancy?

is low blood pressure normal in ninth month of pregnancy

When will you show when im pregnant?

You can begin to show in your second month of pregnancy. Most woman show by their fourth month of pregnancy. This varies on your weight before pregnancy.

What Month of elisabeth's pregnancy did the angel appear to Mary?

The angel told Mary that Elizabeth was in the sixth month of her pregnancy.

Can you have a period first month of pregnancy?

No, you cannot have a period the first month of pregnancy or at any other time during pregnancy. Menstruation occurs if the egg has not been fertilised, and you cannot menstruate during pregnancy.

What does vaginal fluid look like?

The vaginal fluid is a clear substance that can sometimes be thick and slimy or thin. It can also be white after certain sexual arousel in the vagina or after masturbation. This is likely to happen when you are about to start your period again every month

Can pregnancy happen the first month taking clomid?

Yes pregnancy can happen in the first month while taking clomid

Can you have a period the first month of pregnancy?

No. A mild bleed in the first month of pregnancy is usually due to implantation, and can mimic menstruation.

Is spotting blood normal on your 4 month of pregnancy?

4 month of pregnancy blood come out it is normal or some serious problem

Can have journey in three month pregnancy?

you can only travel with submarines at the month of third month