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What does legislative mean?

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The term "legislative" is the adjective form of the noun legislature (law-making body).

The term applies to groups that "make laws", as in the US Congress or the UK Parliament. Legislative bodies are usually made up of elected representatives from states, provinces, or territories, who are called into session to investigate, propose, approve, amend, or rescind the laws of the political union. A majority or more of the total body is required to agree on enacted legislation, subject to review by the elected Executives, or by the judicial branch.

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What does legislative power mean?

legislative power mean to have a two biocameral legislative

What does legislative supremacy mean?

A system of government in which the legislative branch has ultimate power.

What does MLA mean in Northern Ireland politics?

Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.Member of the Legislative Assembly.

What colour is the table of the legislative council?

If you mean the ROOM then it is RED. The Legislative Assembly is GREEN.

What does parliament mean?

a legislative assembly in certain countries

What does reapportionment mean?

the redistribution of representation in a legislative body.

What does unicarmel mean?

having a single legislative chamber

What does the congress mean?

Congress is the national legislative body of U.S.A

Meaning of Legistative?

Do you mean legislative? if so, this is the meaning; legislative is the power to create and pass laws In more of a formal way of saying it 1 : having the power or authority to make laws the legislative branch of government. 2 : of or relating to the action or process by which laws are made legislative history. legislative.

What does legislation mean?

Legislation is the legislative act of enacting law by a legislature.

What is an alderman in The Canterbury Tales mean?

a member of a legislative body o.O

How many senates are in the legislative branch?

I assume you mean how many senators. The U.S. senate has 100 senators. The House of Representatives has 435 representatives. These two legislative bodies make up the legislative branch of the government.

What does the term bicameral mean?

Having two branches/chambers as a legislative body.

What does the legslative branch mean?

The legislative branch of government is the branch that is responsible for writing laws, among other things. The house of representitives and the senate are the legislative branch of government.

How many officers are in the legislative branch?

If by officers you mean representatives, and by legislative branch, you mean the federal legislative branch, then there are 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 Senators. The Vice President is also the President of the Senate, but only votes in the case of a tie. Therefore, your answer could be that there are either 535 or 536 depending on whether you count the VP.

What does legislative mean in legal terms?

It means that they are able to declare a war AND pass a LAW

Difference between legislative and non- legislative?

Legislative power are lawmaking Non-legislative Power are non-lawmaking

What is an example of a sentence using the word legislative?

Legislative GovernmentLegislative Branch

What does LA mean after a name?

Landscape ArchitectLegal AidLegislative AssistantListing Agent

What are the 3 of government in the US?

you mean branches? 1-legislative 2-executive 3-judicial

How do you abbreviate the word legislative?


Who is head of legislative?

legislative head

What is the difference between legislative and non-legislative powers?

Legislative powers are lawmaking and non-legislative powers are non-lawmaking.

What branch of the federal government is the US Congress?

Legislative BranchlegislativeThe legislative branch

What is a legislative component?

key legislative components