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What does liability insurance for a coffee house cost?

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You will need to contact some agents for quotes.

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what is average amount of liability insurance for cars in new york

Probably $500 - $750 annual for general liability.

Usually workers comp is less than the Liability Insurance. The Liability is based off of the gross receipts where as the workers comp is the number of employees and their hourly rate.

The cost of general liability depends on said person's life, lifestyle, and home. General liability covers many public costs and product liability risks.

About $750/$250,000 with a leading insurance company

A Professional liability insurance Policy, as well as a contractors General Liability Insurance policy will provide coverage for the cost of legal defense.

It depends on your record and who your insurance company is.

Personal trainer does not have any liability - so the question has no positive answer

Uncontrollable cost is that cost which is not in descretion of management to be controlled. A good example of an uncontrollable cost is insurance. A manager who runs a department on the factory floor does not have control over the liability insurance that the company buys.

The average cost for a general liability insurance for a restaurant varies between $1,700 and $10,000 per year. Pricing varies based on the size and location of the restaurant.

The cost of Public Liability Insurance for an art gallery depends on the size of the art gallery and the value of the artwork inside of it. Also, the location of the gallery will also determine the cost.

One can start learning about public liability insurance cost by visiting the Money Supermarket website. There one can compare the rates of numerous companies to see the lowest prices.

You will just have to ask them for the insurance information. there is no central registry or database for homes and the insurance companies that insure them. You should first determine if your neighbor even has Liability insurance. Not all homeowners purchase liability coverage with their insurance policy. A home insurance policy can be bought with or without liability coverage. If the homeowner has elected liability coverage, The homeowners insurance policy will provide the homeowner with legal defense for the cost of defending against a suit that is brought against them claiming liability on the part of the insured. If the Insured is found at fault or liable in court, then their insurance company will cover the cost of those liabilities up to the specified policy limits. Alternatively you can sue your neighbor. Then If your neighbor has Liability coverage on his home insurance policy, You will then meet your neighbors insurance company attorneys in court.

The cost of insurance for a driving range is anywhere from $12,000 to $13,000 annually. It is so expensive because the liability is so high.

In the year 1981, I paid $150 dollars a year for auto liability insurance.

Texas Liability insurance simple put is insurance that will cover the other driver's bills if you get into an accident. It will not cover the cost of getting your own car fixed or any medical bills you have.

$0.99 I bought some at The Dollar Store

When a car is borrowed (with permission) the insurance of the car owner is primary and the insurance of the driver is secondary. Here, the car owner has no coverage to pay for the damage to his/her own car, so the driver's liability insurance would cover the cost of the car. That is assuming the driver has liability insurance, if the driver doesn't have liability insurance, the car owner is stuck (unless he sues the driver).

Liability insurance covers damages to the property or body of others, it does not provide any coverage for yourself of your property. Each state has a minimum coverage which depicts the cost of "cheap" liability auto coverage.

The cost of liability insurance can differ, and depend upon a number of factors. It is more expensive for people who are younger and have not had their license a long time, and could also depend on which company you have.

The cheapest car insurance in New Mexico is liability only car insurance. This insurance can cost as little as $60 a month.

Construction liability insurance costs depend on exactly what in your construction business you want to be protected against. You can choose policies that cover every aspect of building and which cost more depending on the actual cost of your building project. You can also opt for more restricted policies which provide liability insurance on certain portions of your building projects. Most major insurance carriers offer liability insurance, and you may first want to start by calling the carriers that are listed in the yellow pages of your phone book. If they do not carry the type of liability insurance you need, they can often refer you to a company that has just what you need.

Contractors general liability insurance is based on one of two things, total receipts or payroll and cost of subcontractors. Contractors general liability insurance covers a company if their employees get hurt on the job or cause damage to a property while working.

Bodily injury liability insurance pays the cost of the medical bills if you cause an accident that leaves someone injured. This insurance can be cheaper but you want to buy the best policy you can afford.

This insurance is a form of liability insurance that helps protect professional advice-and service-providing individuals and companies from bearing the full cost of defending against a negligence claim made by a client, and damages awarded in a civil lawsuit. You will have to get quotes from different companies and compare the cost and coverage that is best for you.

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