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What does light energy convert into?


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Light energy from the Sun converts into thermal energy


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Xerox machines do not convert light energy into sound.

All plants convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis.

Flashlights convert electric energy to light energy and heat energy.

PV cells convert light energy into electrical energy.

Chloroplast convert light energy. Mitochondria convert chemical energy itself

I don't believe that it is possible to convert light energy to nuclear energy. Both solar energy (source natural light) and nuclear energy are primary energy sources.

They convert light into chemical energy.

To convert electric energy into light energy

Light bulb and tubelight are able to convert electrical energy into light energy.

Photo-voltaic cells convert light energy to electric energy

It converts light energy to chemical energy.

Chloroplasts convert light energy to food during photosynthesis in plants.

Light IS energy; it is not a SOURCE of energy. You can convert one form of energy into another, if you need to.

They are energy transformers. They convert light energy to chemical energy

Photosynthesis is where autotrophic organisms convert light to chemical energy to get energy

photosynthesis converts the light energy from the sun into chemical energy for use by the cell.

Light energy is converted into heat energy when plants take in sunlight (light energy) and convert it into heat energy when they respire and produce energy.

CHLOROPLASTS trap light energy and convert it into the chemical bond energy of sugar.

Plans convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis

The SOURCE of energy for producers is the sun, plants convert the suns light from light energy to into chemical energy.

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