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Q: What does love your peaches want to shake your tree mean?
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Who sings the lyrics I really love your peaches want to shake your tree?

That is from an old Steve Miller song. It the Presidents of the United States of America, song title: Peaches

Who sings shes your smoker?

joker ..... i really luv ur peaches wanna shake ur tree

What does i really love your peaches want to shake your tree mean?

It either means that you really like something about that person and want to be involved with them OR the lazy answer which is, its a sexual reference. I lean towards the first meaning, that you dig something about that person. The "Peaches" specifically refers to the female ovaries (fruit of the loin). Ovbiously, "Shake your tree" refers to the original leaves that covered Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This age old addage respectfully refers to the joining of male and female in the business world.

What tree do peaches grow on?

The peach tree.

Is your wife worth staying with after cheating for so long and trying to use magic on you will the effect of the magic disturb you?

The magic won't disturb you if you are a magic man.. And you should only stay with her if you love her peaches and she lets you shake her tree.

Are peaches on a tree living?


What part of the plant does Peaches come from?

Peaches grow from the flowers on the peach tree.

When was Shake the Sugar Tree created?

Shake the Sugar Tree was created in 1992.

What is the purpose of peach tree?

to grow peaches

How do you shake the pot out of the tree on clubpenguin?

shake the tree three times then pick it up of the ground

What is the plural of peach?

The plural form for peach is: peachesExample sentence: These peaches have a beautiful color.

How does a peach tree help people?

It produces peaches.

How do you get bees out of your tree?

you shake it.

Can crows eat all the peaches on a tree in one day?

It depends on the amount of peaches and how hungry the crows are!

How do you shake a tree in tiny monsters?

shake the little branch

How do you know if a Pokemon is in a gold tree?

the tree will shake

Which way should you shake your Rox tree on moshi monsters?

It does not matter which way you shake the Rox tree.

Are peaches a tree nut?

It is considered a tree nut by most allergists, but it is not an actual nut.

How do you you get peaches on Animal Crossing?

You have to start your town with peaches as your national fruit. If not, you can invite a friend to your town who carries some peaches and then drops them on the ground. You then pick up the aforementioned peaches and plant them so they grow into a tree, which will now give you an unlimited supply of peaches (unless of course the tree dies, either in infancy or by your own hand).

Why don't peaches ripen on the tree?

because it not possible for it to grow

How many peaches grow on a peach tree?

It all depends on the health of the tree and proper thinning of fruits to get larger fruit. but to generalize , on a mature peach tree can get 2 to 3 bushels . A bushle for peaches is 50 lbs. depending on fruit size 60 to 80 peaches per bushel. So I guess between 180 an 240 peaches.

How do you harvest an almond tree?

Shake it

How do you get the pot that is in the tree on club penguin in one of the missions?

You shake the tree

Are peaches hermaphroditic?

A peach is the fruit of the peach tree. Plants can not be hermaphrodites.

When do you pick peaches off a tree?

In Canada we pick them In July when they are ripe.