What does lower back pain in the kidney area mean?

Pain in the area of the kidneys can come from several different sources. Low back pain is complex and there are many possibilities to be considered.

  • Kidney disease of some type, ranging from slight infection, kidney stone, cysts or cancer
  • Urinary tract disease of some type, from referred of a bladder infection or involvement of any part of the urinary system
  • Strain or sprain of the heavy lumbar muscles, like the quadratus lumborum
  • Radiation of pain coming from the spine associated with arthritis, disc involvement, facet hypertrophy or fracture

Many things can happen inside the body to cause kidney area pain. If you try rest, ice and Joint pain supplement for a few days and do not notice considerable improvement, it would be prudent to go to your family doctor or a chiropractor for evaluation of your problem.