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What does mad mean in french?

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Translated from English to french, mad (English) is folle in French.

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Fou is the French for mad.

it's the feminine form of "fou", both of which mean "crazy" or "mad" (as in crazy or insane)

fou is the masculine adjective for 'mad, crazy'. The feminine is 'folle'.

I am mad in French is: "Je suis fâché" or "Je suis en colère"

This looks like "tu es fou" which is literraly "you are mad" (in a nice way)

ça va pas !? means 'are you mad ?!' in French. Depending of context, it can also be a familiar question to enquire about someone's health.

the french was mad at the british for teating them how they were. also, the french was mad at the british becace the british was taxing the french for everything!!! :(

"They were very mad!" in English is Ils étaient très fâchés! in French.

Mad has a number of different meanings:Mad can mean mentally disturbed; insane; or demented.Mad can also mean enraged; greatly provoked; or angry.Mad can mean infected with rabies; rabid.

"Mad" in Polish is "szalony".

a great white shark will attack only when tampered with. DON'T UPSET A GREAT WHITE SHARK

they mad eup "french kissing" what do ya think!?

If you mean the American word "mad", it's zo'em (זועם) If you mean the British word "mad", it's meshuga (משוגע)

Horse stomp there feet when they get tried. This does not mean that your horse is mad at you.

In that context, "mad" means cross.

my mad momma meets my mean mad man meaning mad meaning

He could-be mad if your mom was rude to him. He should not be mad at you over this.

"I got the mean streak"i am mad

1-fou, 2-enragé

fou (masc.), folle (fem.)

est-elle encore folle ?

Well you could be mad at your boyfriend that is one reson what MAD means. i love you mack

mad = many, lame= uncool people

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