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What does marijuana do to the body?


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Marijuana generally tends to make you numb, especially in the eyes and ears, sleepy, hungry, makes you laugh a lot at things you wouldn't normally think are funny, and make time go slower than it seems. Twenty minutes can be like an hour.

my experiences with weed have usually been I feel floaty or like my feet are sinking into the ground. I tend to laugh at things more than usual and if I smoke at night. Almost always go to sleep two hours after smoking. the day after I stay a little high. The effects aren't as severe, but still there.

Generally the day after I become gassy, I giggle, I eat more than usual and I am still sort of in the clouds. his happens because cannabis takes a full thirty days to get fully out of your system. But do not fear! Weed is safe and less damaging than alcohol, and the effects only noticeably last for two days. I love my weed!