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What does matiere preferee cest mean?

it means liek wahts your favourite subject here ill answer it

English: My favourite subject is Science

French: Ma matiere preferee, cest Science

Remenber the acents in french peace


(' ')


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I don't have a favourite subject

Mon repes preferee My favourite meal

preferred or favourite - (feminine)

it means matter or material

Even given the word preferee (should be préféré) it means which season do you prefer.

You mean préférée. It means favorite and refers to a female or feminine object.

It means, "Ouelle matter you do not like"

'La matière' - matter or substance - it can also mean a subject on the school curriculum or the contents of a book (la table des matières).

c'est qui means 'who is it' or 'who's there?' in French

c'est comment means 'how is it' in French.

that means : what is it ?

It means: 'Is it true or false?'

this is still as serious / grave / important

C'est seems to be a french word and means that is.

It can mean: "That's French" (the language) or "it is French" or "that's the Frenchman" or "it is the Frenchman".

I think you mean "Si vous plait" which means "If you please."

C'est quel mois means 'what month is it?'

c'est la première - it's the first (feminine)

'C'est très chaud ' means ' It's very hot'.

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je ne sais quoi = I don't know what

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