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In simplified Chinese (Mandarin), 'mayo' means 'there is none', or 'there is nothing'.

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Q: What does mayo mean in Chinese?
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what does cino de mayo mean?

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Cinco de Mayo means "Fifth Of May" in Spanish

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What does Kara mean in Chinese

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What is does cinco do mayo mean in English?

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what does nan mean in chinese. Eg nanjing nan

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i think that it is not Chinese

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What does may mean in spanish?

in spanish the month may means mayo

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How do you write Chinese in Mandarin?

There are many words for "Chinese" in the Chinese language. If you mean Chinese as in someone from China, that's 中國. If you mean ethnic Chinese, that's 華. If you mean the Chinese language, that can be written several ways. 華語,中文,中國話,國語, and 國文 are all ways of writing the Chinese language in Chinese.

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