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What does memory of your uncle mean?

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In Loving Memory of My Uncle translates as In stillem Gedenken an meinen Onkel.

Jonas' second and third memory is the memory of sunshine. His third memory is a mild sunburn , because of Jonas' request of his first pain memory.

In memory,........... to the memory of

There are several things you could mean by that, as lots of important scenes but no actual memories take place in Uncle Mario's Office.

No. An uncle is not your sibling. Brothers and sisters are siblings. An uncle could be the sibling of your mother or father.

In The Lion King 1 1/2 you mean. And Timon's Uncle is Uncle Max.

uncle mean "oncle" and it's masculine

Tio mean uncle in spanish

It might mean they have an incestuous relationship. It might merely mean that the uncle is trying to share a private joke with the nephew.

if you mean processor then cache memory if you mean computer then ROM

he run away because his uncle was mean.

papa, in memory of dappys dad, tulisas uncle

My male friend was talking to his uncle and his uncle said what are you doing he said chilling with my lady for awhile. What does that mean?

Mnemosyne means memory, or the Greek Goddess of memory.

What do you mean? The memory stored on a computer is on the hard drive, or maybe you mean the "virtual" memory... the memory that is stored up on the process that is running on your computer currently, that's stored on the ram.

If u mean "what is memory in a computer" it is technically R.A.M (random acces memory)

Memory comes from the Latin, memoria, and means to be mindful or to remember.

By "main memory" I assume you mean Primary Storage. This would be your RAM (Randon Access Memory)

if you mean, like to stop calling them, lets say auntie jane and uncle john, well, you could change it to like just aunt ____ and uncle _____, when your a teen. but they will always be your aunt and uncle, no matter what.

cach memory is cach computer data and network

it means that the memory cannot be earased

Memory Store. Save the displayed value in the memory.

Memory Stick and Memory card mean the exact same thing - Memory Stick was just a brand name of memory card produced by Sony.

Well she did. She found out from Mason Lockwood (Tyler's uncle), but Caroline erases her memory