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metals react with some acid

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What is produced when metal oxides react with water?

metal oxides do not react with water .Metal reacts with water and it made metal oxides.

What happens when a nonmetal and metal react?

metals lose electrons when they react with a non-metal

What gas is produced when a metal and water react?

A hydrogen gas is produced when a metal and water react.

Does a basic solution usually react with metal?

No, because a basic solution usually react with non-metal

What reaxction does calcium have with metal?

Calcium does not react with metal because it is a metal.

Does calcium metal react with water?

Calcium can react with water.

What metal does not react with hydroxide?

Metal does not react to hydroxide for one reason. The reason why it does not have reaction is because it is not a strong chemical.

What two elements are likely to react together?

A metal and a non metal. Two non metals. A metal and a metalloid.

Which alkali metal can react with oxygen to form peroxide or superoxide?

The metal of copper can react with oxygen. This is a metal that is very reactive when ti is combined with different substances.

Does hydrogen react with metal?

Hydrogen react with metals and hydrides are formed.

Will lead react with lead nitrate?

No a metal cannot react with its compound

Why non metal do not react with water?

Sulfur doesn't react with water.

How do metals react with acid?

Many metals react with acid to liberate hydrogen, and form metal ions. The metal is oxidised.

When a metal and a nonmetal react which gains electrons?

The non-metal gains the electrons from the metal.

Does acids react with iron?

Yes acids to react with iron, being a metal. A reaction between an acid and a metal, form a metal salt and hydrogen as the only products.

What happens when iron react with base?

It doesn't react because it's a bases which doesn't react with metal

What is a nonreactive metal?

a metal that doesn't react with any other substance

What happens when metal and acid react?

Acid + Metal = Salt + Hydrogen

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