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The answer is, Mike thinks that Edward wants to eat Bella.

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Mike thinks that when Edward stares at Bella it is as if Edward wants to?

Mike says, "He looks at Bella like she's something to eat".

Who was Mike La Bella?

There is no "Mike La Bella." There is a Mike and a Bella. Mike had a crush on Bella, but Bella liked Edward, not Mike.

Who does jessica have a crush on in twilight?

I think she likes mike. I don't know but i think yea it is coz it like Angela and Eric, Bella and edward, and mike and jess

What was the first night that Edward watched Bella sleep?

it was when mike newton asked Bella to the dance and Bella said no but edward was jealous because he realized that if he didn't do something that Bella might say yes to mike someday

What does mike wants from school?

mike from twilight has a fantasy that Bella will like him

Is mike newton jealous of Edward Cullen?

Yes, Mike Newton is jealous of Edward Cullen. Mike flirts with Bella in Twilight before Edward comes into the picture, he even asks her to prom. He is jealous when Bella falls for Edward because he saw her first. He probably wonders what he did wrong and why Bella didn't fall for him.

After Bella and Edwards wedding what does Edward throw at Mike Newton?

In Breaking Dawn, Edward throws Bella's wedding Garder in Mike Newton's face.

Does Bella go to the beach with edward or mike in twillight?

she goes with mike and then jacob and his friends show up although she did invite edward he said he couldnt

Who likes Bella when she comes to forks?

the guys so like Bella are:tyler, mike, Eric, and of course...edward

What boys follow Bella in twilight?

I think it's mike and tyler - not too sure about ericMike Newton, Eric Yorkie, and Tyler Crowley.Don't forget Edward and Jacob. ;]

What does Bella say to Edward right after you see Mike in English Class?

um yes

Who asked Bella to prom?

well. mike tylor and Erik did but so did edward (Robert pattinson)..

What happened later that night when bella went to the movies with mike and jacob?

Jacob all of a sudden started yelling at mike and mike ran away. then jacob started talking to bella about that she should choose jacob instead of edward.

Who was the first person to ask Bella to prom?

Mike Newton! - unlucky, she chooses Edward =] great choice!!

In which order did the high school boys ask Bella to the Spring Dance?

Tyler, Edward,Eric,Mike

How many guys ask Bella to the Dance?

3 people askd Bella to da dance... Eric, mike and tyler don't forget to mention Edward.

Who asks Bella to go to the school dance first?

Mike asks Bella first during biology class in front of Edward ,then Eric and finally Tyler

In twilight who are the three boys who like Bella apart from edward?

Tyler Crowly, Jacob Black and Mike Newton.

Who graduates in the book eclipse?

everyone in Bella's year (e.g. Bella, Edward, Mike, Jessica, Angela, Alice)

What three boy's have a crush on Bella Swan from twilight?

Mike, Jacob, Eric, Edward, and Tyler. Well really it is Mike. if Edward made a mistake he would be right in front with Jacob trying to win Bella's heart. Eric and tyler sort of gave up when Bella got married so........

Describe at least seven major events sequentially in twilight the book?

1.) Bella moves to Forks. 2.) Bella befriends Mike. 3.) Bella meets Jacob. 4.) Bella meets Edward. 5.) Bella learns that Edward is a vampire and simultaneously falls in love. 6.) Victoria's coven tries and fails to kill Bella. 6a.) Bella's close relationship with her father is severed when she tries to protect him from Victoria. 7.) Edward asks Bella out to the school dance.

How tall is Mike Edward?

Mike Edward is 187 cm.

Where did Edward and Bella go the day of the dance?

When Eric, Mike, and Tyler ask Bella to go the the "girls' choice" dance on Saturday, Bella tells them that she already has plans to go to Seattle. Edward later asks her if he can take her there. Plans change when Edward finds out it is going to be sunny. Since he had previously promised to show her what he looks like in the sun, he decides to take her to a meadow in the forest.

Who are the two students at Bella's school who love her?

Edward Cullen and Mike (the one who's always jealous of Edward; one of the first to introduce himself to Bella on her first day of school)

I like Bella at her wedding I was cut off by Edward not even half way through the dance and I was hit in the head by a volleyball in gym Who am I?

You are Mike, who has had a slight crush on Bella since the beginning of the saga.