What does missionary mean?

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it means person who travels to carry the ideas of a religion to others

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Q: What does missionary mean?
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Have you ever had missionary?

I presume you mean 'Have you ever had sex in the so-called missionary position?'. The answer is yes. The question could be read as asking if you have ever eaten a missionary.

What does the term mish mean in sex?

Missionary Position!

What does 'missionary' mean in the Bible?

The word 'missionary' is not in the Bible. But, what we call a missionary today was called an evangelist at that time. (Acts 21:8, 2 Timothy 4:5)

What does missionary work mean?

Missionary work means that you serve the lord. You go on a mission to teach of his ways! It is good to go on a mission!

What does jaimashi mean?

A missionary to Nepal says jaimashi means Victory in Jesus.

What is missionary mean?

The missionary position is a basic lying down sex position where the man is on top, supporting himself with his upper body, and the woman is underneath on her back.

Who was the missionary to the Gentiles?

Paul was the missionary to the gentiles.

What does a Spanish Missionary look like?

Im assuming you mean 1600s missionary. If it is, they has brown hair usually, cut wher it looked like an "o" and a brown hooded robe.

How can missionary be used in a sentence?

A female missionary is bound to get further than any MALE missionary .

What is a missionary kids?

A Missionary kid is a missionaries kid he is not a missionary he is just the son/daughter of the missionaries.........

A sentences with the word missionary?

The missionary dresses simply. A new missionary is expected to arrive today.

What was the effects of the missionary diplomacy?

what was the missionary diplomacy effects

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