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This could affect your range of motion.You may also have some numbness or tingling

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Q: What does moderate generalized disc bulges with bilateral neural foraminal narrowing mean to my function?
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What is the generalized function of the respiratory system?

To BREATHE! It provides oxygen to your body, which is needed to function!

What is bilateral renal function mean?

it means learn to spell and f*ck off

What is a bilateral system?

A bilateral system is where both parts of a system are equally important for the proper function of the system. The two parties are directly affected by the system functions which makes them dependent to each other.

What nutrients function to prevent the appearance of bilateral symmetrical dermatitis primarily on areas exposed to the sun?


What is the function of a squids liver?

Squid are cephalopods, a marine animal that has bilateral body symmetry and a unique head. The function of a squids liver is to absorb digested food.

What is a hypothetical composite cell?

Describes a generalized cell. Cells vary greatly in size, shape, content, and function but have the same basic parts.

How do you solve hamilton jacobi equations of motion?

This method was governed by a variational principle applied to a certain function. The resulting variational relation was then treated by introducing some unknown multipliers in connection with constraint relations. After the elimination of these multipliers the generalized momenta were found to be certain functions of the partial derivatives of the Hamilton Jacobi function with respect to the generalized coordinates and the time. Then the partial differential equation of the classical Hamilton-Jacobi method was modified by inserting these functions for the generalized momenta in the Hamiltonian of the system.

What are the generalized functions of the respiratory system?

function of respiratory system is take in of oxygen and take out CO2, and also for heart pumping and for the circulation of blood in the body .

What has the author Charles Swartz written?

Charles Swartz has written: 'Multiplier convergent series' -- subject(s): Convergence, Multipliers (Mathematical analysis), Arithmetic Series, Orlicz spaces 'Measure, integration and function spaces' -- subject(s): Function spaces, Generalized Integrals, Integrals, Generalized, Measure theory 'Elementary functional analysis' -- subject(s): Functional analysis, Funktionalanalysis

Could bilateral varicocele would higher have chances of infertility?

I think so, because the function of both testicles is damaged. I m not a doctor, but this is my opinion.

What does bilateral mean in medical terminology?

Both sides To expand a bit on the above answer, bilateral, in this case, refers to something that occurs in both the left and right sides of the body (such as paralysis of both legs), or occurs in both of a pair of organs such as an infection in both lungs simultaneously. In general, bilateral means ocurring on both sides of a line of symmetry, whether real or imagined. The human body exhibits bilateral symmetry in that the right half is similar in appearance and function to the left half.

What is a description of the generalized function of an axon?

If you mean the part of a neuron, then an axon transmits the signal created by the nucleus to another neuron. Myelin, the coating around the axon, helps make this process faster.

What is the function of posterior commisure?

to connect superior colliculus, pretectal nucleus and medial longitudinal bundle (MLB) of both sides of the midbrain together - these structures are involved in the bilateral pupillary light reflex.

What function does the circular muscle serve in the earthworm?

Circular muscles help in extension and narrowing of the body of the earthworm. When circular muscles contract the protractor muscles relax causing the retractor muscles to contract, thus withdrawing the setae.

What tests are done to diagnose PKD when a patient has bilateral kidney cysts and lesions?

I have PKD. Diagnosis was done by ultra sound. Later as my kidney function diminished blood tests confirmed my kidneys were functioning as the should.

What is the function of a committee in the law making process?

In practice, a committee takes the overall generalized idea of a future law and works out the actual process of turning the idea into a propelry worded bill which is then forwarded to the full body of the House or Senate, where it is voted on.

What structure connets the right and left cerelobarl himispheres?

Within the human brain, the structure that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres is called the corpus collosum. There is said to be strong bilateral symmetry in both function and structure of the two hemispheres.

What distinguishes anxiety disorders from ordinary anxiety?

Generalized anxiety disorder, and other anxiety disorders, are difficult to define and there is no clear consensus among psychologists about how to define or diagnose them. Most people would agree that some amount of anxiety is normal for people to experience. When the anxiety becomes a major hindrance to a person's well-being, happiness, or ability to function in their daily life, such as in work or social activities, it is more likely to be classified as a disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder, in particular, refers to chronic, pervasive anxiety, often experienced in multiple aspects of life and reflected in multiple ways. Generalized anxiety disorder is related to depression, and the two conditions often occur together.

What reading material is available on the aftermath of mastectomy?

Frost, Marlene, et al. "Long-term Satisfaction and Psychological and Social Function Following Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy." Journal of the American Medical Association July 20, 2000: 319-24.

What is an organ system and how does it function?

Organ systems are really just pockets of differentiated somatic tissues that share a common function. Take the example of the kidney. The tissue there shares a common developmental history and the process filtration of the blood and the selective absorption from the filtrate makes the concentration of this function to one (actually most organs are bilateral) location logical. The key is the circulation. Anything that is secreted by an organ will get to the entire body because blood gets to the entire body.

What has the author Atef F Saleeb written?

Atef F. Saleeb has written: 'Specific hardening function definition and characterization of a multimechanism generalized potential-based viscoelastoplasticity model' -- subject(s): Thermodynamics, Viscoplasticity, Hardening (Materials), Models, Titanium alloys, Viscoelasticity, Elastoplasticity 'Robust integration schemes for generalized viscoplasticity with internal-state variables' -- subject(s): Integrators, Flow equations, Algorithms, Finite element method, Difference equations, Viscoplasticity, Measure and integration

What is a bilateral reflex?

The best examples of this is to shin a light in one eye and both pupils constrict. You are testing cranial nerve II.Or the corneal reflex (touch one cornea) both eyes blink, a test of CN VII or the palpebral reflex, touch one eye lid or lashes and both eyes blink, another test of CN VII.

What is impingement of nerve roots?

A nerve root impingement is what occurs when the root of a nerve i.e. the portion that enters the vertebral column via a vertebral foramen (hole in the spine) is pressed upon (impinged) by a number of possible things. The more common of these being osteophytes (degenerative bony changes in the spinal body). A space occupying lesion (tumor of some kind begning or malignant). Spinal muscle tissue becoming hypertonic (stuck in contraction) and causing a narrowing of the foraminal space as a result. Disc degeneration resulting in a narrowing of the foraminal space. Trauma can also result in nerve root compression. Degenerative vertebral disorders (such as spinal TB, ankylosing spondylitis etc) may also result in nerve root compression. Localised to the Cervical spine (neck) Thoracic outlet syndrome (can create nerve root impingement often resulting in parasthesia (abnormal sensation) and/or numbness in the arm and hand of the affect side (i.e left nerve root compression = left arm and hand issues). TOS is essentially the same as hypertonic changes in the muscles lower down however as it is such a common dysfunction it has its own name. Nerve root impingement can create neurological symptoms (pain, parasthesia, numbness or in motor nerves, loss of motor function). These symptoms tend to occur below the site of impingement however they can also present above the impingement i.e pain in your neck as a result of a T1 impingement.

What function is used to calculate a mortgage payment on Microsoft Excel?

The PMT function.The PMT function.The PMT function.The PMT function.The PMT function.The PMT function.The PMT function.The PMT function.The PMT function.The PMT function.The PMT function.

Dissociation has been used as an explanation for?

the hypnotic pain relief Fugue states, symptoms of PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder, astral projection and OBEs. When dissociating, the limbic system (the "panic" center of the brain) is suppressed by the prefrontal cortex, which moderates and regulates emotional rationality. The result is feelings of unreality and a disconnect from the "I" function of the brain and the body.

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