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Salut: my love

It's a funny mixture of French ('mon', my) and Italian ('amore', love)

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Q: What does mon amore mean?
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What does je'taime mon amore mean in french?

je t'aime, mon amour = I love you, my love

What does Oui mon amore c'est tres amusnt mean?

"Oui mon amour, c'est très amusant" = "Yes my love, it's very funny"

How do you say mon amour in Italian?

amore mio

How do you say mi amore in French?

Mi amore (Italian) would be spelled 'mon amour' in French.

Bon soir mon amore?

Bon soir mon amour Translates to Good evening my love

What does Di amore mean in spanish?

di amore

What does mea amore mean?

The term mea amore is properly spelled mi amore. Mi amore is a Spanish translation for the words my love.

What does amore pisiche mean?

Amore means love.Pisiche does not exist. Maybe you mean psiche, which means psyche.

What does viva la amore mean?

Viva la amore means Live the love.

What are the common endearments for lovers?

dear, dove, sweety, my sweet, suger, honey, baby, darling or in french; mon cherie, mon petite, cara mia, mon amore, mon angie, mon bebe, mon belle, mon biche (its a deer not like the English word) or Russian; buthie bou (the spelling my very) or old English; poppet or dove

What does mon mean in judo?


What does mi amore mean?

My beloved

What does mi amore mean in spanish answer?

'mi amor' = 'my love' in Spanish 'amore' is Italian for 'love'

What does Mon Des sin mean?

If you mean "mon dessin", it means "my drawing"

J'tiem mon amore?

Best guess: I like my love? If this is meant to be French, then I would say it means "I love you, my darling". Also, it would be spelt more like "Je t'aime, mon amour".

What does mi amore mean in Italian?

my love

What does amore chiamami mean?

Call me my love

What does bonjour mi amore mean?

my love

What does tienes mi amore mean?

you have my love

What does mon trรจsor mean?

Mon petit tresor

What does Mon Dieu mean?

"mon deux" is a typo for "mon Dieu", i.e. "my God!"

What does mon cherie mean?

I think you mean "Mon cherie", which is French for "Dearly beloved".

What does Mon Pere mean in french?

mon père - my father

What does mon parrain mean?

mon parrain (masc.) is my godfather.

What does a' mon amour mean?

mon amour = my love