What does monterey cheese taste like?

There are a number of variations on the classic Monterey Jack cheese. When aged or dry it resembles Cheddar, but when soft and un-aged it is similar to Muenster in flavor. Some producers add herbs or hot peppers to make herbed Jack or pepper Jack cheeses. Monterey Jack is also sometimes blended with Colby, another mild American cheese, to make Colby Jack. One of the most coveted varieties of Monterey Jack is dry Jack, an aged version of the cheese which can be difficult to find outside of California. Dry Jack acquires a much more complex, sharp flavor and it turns hard enough to be grated and used like Parmesan.

When seeking out Monterey Jack cheese, look for a smooth, evenly colored specimen without signs of cracking or discoloration. The young cheese is somewhat perishable, so it should be used quickly. Dry Jack is more shelf stable, when it can be found.