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It may depend on the context, but in general it means that the motion no longer has any value so it was denied simply because it doesn't matter. For example, suppose you file two separate motions: one to dismiss a case against you, and another to exclude certain evidence so it can't be used against you at trial. If the judge grants your first motion, then the second is meaningless; no evidence will be used against you because there will be no trial. Therefore, the second motion would be denied as moot.

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Motion Stop, Moot can be a slang word in broken Down English. Motion stop ,queue, quite, moot would define as it’s cause for ending action.

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Q: What does motion denied as moot mean?
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What does motion or writ denied mean?

It means that whatever the subject of the motion or writ was, it was reviewed by the judge and he denied it.

What is motions hearing moot or initial arraignment moot mean?

What is initial arraignment moot mean

What does it mean when a court motion is denied without prejudice?

It can be brought and reargued again.

What does petitioners motion for appointment for counsel denied mean?

this means that the petitioner has been denied free counsel, and must seek their own, or prove that they qualify for said counsel.

What does motion to open judgment denied after hearing mean?

It means that someone (probably the losing party) petitioned the court to have the case re-opened and the original judgment re-considered. A hearing on the matter was conducted by the judge - and after hearing arguments for and against, the motion was DENIED.

What does bahebak moot mean?

love you to death

Does a lawsuit settle when a motion to dismiss is denied?

No. If the dismissal was denied that means the case will proceed to trial.

What is the next step after filing a Motion to Reconsider in a Superior Court?

The petitioner waits for the motion to be either granted or denied. If granted the verdict will be thrown out and a new trial ordered, if denied the original verdict will stand.

Can an atty file child support garnisment even after court rejected such garnishment?

If the court denied the motion for garnishment 'with prejudice,' it cannot be refiled. If the court denied the motion for garnishment 'without prejudice,' it can be refiled.

If motion was denied why would there be another court date?


What does the word moot mean in Arabic?

it means die

Pro se motion for reconsider is pending in chapter 13 denial can mortgage company start foreclosure procedures?

This is why you need a lawyer. Yes, it can, unless you file a motion with the court to stay the foreclosure until your motion to reconsider is disposed of. And if your c. 13 was denied, chances are slim to none you will prevail in your motion to reconsider, unless you clearly understand why it was denied and have corrected the problem.

What can one parent do when denied visitation by the other parent?

You must return to the court where the visitation order was issued and submit a motion for contempt against the parent who has denied visitation.

Can i appeal my ''motion to surpress'' if it was denied?

If you are in the midst of ongoing proceedings and your motion was denied, not at this point. You've already got one judge assigned to the case and at this point the case is 'ongoing' and another judge will not enter the picture. You will have to let the trial go to conclusion and if you, or your attorney, believe that the information your suppression motion addressed were instrumental in your conviction, you can then appeal the verdict of your trial.

How can you use moot in a sentence?

Your statement is very unclear, do not be a moot . moot means debatable or arguable .

What does trial moot in legal terms mean?

A moot trial, in legal terms, is essentially a mock situation that is used for educational purposes. Law schools use this teaching technique frequently.

What happens if the motion for relief from a stay is denied?

Bankruptcy protection remains in place and the creditor who was denied the stay will remain a part of the bankruptcy and cannot attempt to collect the debt owed.

What is a moot question?

a moot question

What is mean by moot point?

it's academic, irrelevant,does not matter

When was The Moot created?

The Moot was created in 1938.

When did The Moot end?

The Moot ended in 1947.

What is an entry to deny a Motion to Compel?

It means a motion has been filed requesting the court to deny the original Motion to Compel petition or the judge actually denied the motion and it was entered into the court record as such. The exact wording defines which of the actions is being referred to.

What does motion mean in a debate?

what does the word motion mean

What does CWINDOWSsystem32vtaxrflldll access denied mean?

CWINDOWSsystem32vtaxrflldll access denied. Means that you do not have admin rights.

What does Denied Power mean?

== ==

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