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MSN = Masters in the Science of Nursing.

It means they are a nurse, not a doctor.

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Q: What does msn mean after doctors name?
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What is a msn degree in nursing?

msn is a website. this question makes absolutely no sense. is this a joke? NO not a joke. Some doctors have the degreed letters APN MSN behind their names... Curious to know what the letters mean....

What does MD PLC after a doctors name mean?

what does plc mean

What does rn msn fabc mean after nurse administrator's name?

what does FABC stand for after a nurses name

What does it mean when someone ashks for you msn?

When someone asks for your msn, they are asking for you instant messaging user name. Basically, they ask for your email address.

What does PLC mean after doctors name?

what does the PLC stand for after a Dr.s name

What do dc mean behind a doctors name?


What does MD after a doctors name mean?

Doctor of Medicine

What does OD mean after a doctors name?


What does the MD mean after your doctors name?

Doctor of Medicine.

What does DHyp mean a after a doctors name?

Doctor of HYPnosis

What does PS mean after a Doctors Name?

Plastic Surgeon 

What does 'msn' stand for behind a name?

It could mean a number of things. Could be a master of science degree in nursing (MSN). no it stand for micsoft social networking

What does ND at the end of a doctors name mean?

Naturopathic Doctor

What does OD mean after your doctors name?

O.D. is Doctor of Optometry.

What does MD mean after a doctors name?

It stands for doctor of medicine.

What does LCSW mean after doctors name?

Doctor of behavioral health

What does FNP mean after a doctors name?

Family nurse practitioner

What does cgc after doctors name mean?

Certified Grief Counselor

What does MC mean after a doctors name?

medical course hahaha

What does PH mean after a doctors name?

A PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy.

What does CWS mean after a doctors name?

College work-study

What does gen in a doctors name mean?

General practitioner of medicine

What does PAC mean after a doctors name?

Practisioner in applied chemistry

What does MD in OG mean after doctors name?

Obstetrics and gynaecology

What does DVM mean after a doctors name?

doctor of veterinary medicine