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The name "Mufasa" means "King" in the Manazoto language.

Simba's name is Swahili for "lion".


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Yah, he does, in the stampede.

He wanted revenge for not being king.

Scar killed Mufasa because he wanted to be king of the Pridelands.

Simba's Uncle Scar. He was upset at Simba's dad Mufassa because he wanted to be king.

that he was better than god and looked up to him like their mary/jesus/god/lord/mufassa

In the movie Lion King Scar and Mufassa die.

A mother elephant can hold up to 700,000 babies in her womb at once. Elephants are also know to have originated from the planet mufassa

in lion king there's simba, mufassa, nala, scar, sarabi, sarafina, zira, Kira, nuka, vitani, kovu, and any more i missed let me know

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Mufasa is a character in the Disney movie, the Lion King.At the beginning of the story he is King of the Pride Lands; and father to the story's main character Simba. In the course of the story he is murdered by his brother Scar; who then accuses Simba of his death. He is voiced by James Earl Jones.

Simba the future kingNala the cub that never grows upScar the villainSarafina the mother of Nala and SimbaThe information is right, but i wouldn't say Sarafina is a main character. And plus, she isn't the mother of Nala. She is Simba's mother. Nala is a friend.the new king is simbasimba's mum is sarabinala is simba's friendscar is simba's unclesimba's dad is mufassa

When hsi son, Simba, was about 6 or 7 months old, (according to the 1993 movie script which sais he was "now a full grown cub" and his size and meet-eating points to a time when lion cubs are about that old.) Timeline-wise it happens the next day from the first cub Simba scene, as the creators say the movie' s beginning takes over two days, (excluding the intro with infant Simba, of course.)

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