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What does natural calamity mean?


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This refers to disasters caused by nature. These can include landslides, floods, volcanoes, storms, earthquakes, etc.


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natural calamity is the effect of natural hazard which causes environmental , financial or human losses

A tornado is both. A calamity is a disaster. A tornado is a disaster that occurs naturally, and would thus be consideted a natural calamity or natural disaster.

Calamity is an event causing a disaster. There can be natural and man made calamities. Natural calamities are droughts, floods, etc. A man made calamity is war.

Hurricane Katrina was a natural calamity because it was so catastrophic.

Pretty much, except the word "disaster" implies a much more serious situation then the word "calamity".

geological and natural calamity

something that causes damage.

She saved a man left to die of small pox she brought him back to health and then he said hereafter in calamity ill call for jane

use of television at time of natural calamity

"Natural" can be seen as opposed to supernatural or to man made. A natural, not supernatural, calamity is one which can be explained by science and would include storms, fire, explosions, shootings, disease etc., leaving event such as the Christians "Rapture", demon possession, haunting, curse and vampires as supernatural. A natural calamity, as opposed to man made, would include storms, flood, tsunamis, forest fires but exclude wars, random shootings, purposeful poisoning and stock market collapses. A natural calamity in its normal context is any large scale unpleasant event which is caused by natural forces beyond human control.

It means when there is a disaster or catastrophe

A natural calamity brings with it loss of life of many people ,loss of property and a financial crises for that country

She's a calamity, Jane. What a calamity! It takes eight letters spell 'calamity'. Do you know what a calamity that would be?

A calamity is the same thing as a natural disaster, which are just events that occur naturally. This includes tornadoes, thunderstorms, and wildfires.

A natural calamity is the same thing as a natural disaster, which have no real cause and happen because of natural weather events. Effects are human deaths, and destruction of property and buildings.

The best way to handle a natural calamity is to prepare for them. You can prepare for earthquakes, tornadoes and storms by boarding windows and getting food.

There is now preventive measures for typhoon because it is a natural calamity and is not caused by humans.

What calamity happened to you!Calamity Jane was a friend of Wild Bill Hickock.

I think, that a disaster is calamity, that affects human and their property. It may be both natural or human made.

calamity but also it can define a person by suggesting they are a "disaster"

A calamity is a catastrophe. An example of calamity used in a sentence is: When the hurricane hit near our house and caused flooding everywhere, it was a calamity.

Her life is filled with calamity

The train wreck was quite a calamity.

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