What does ndoni mean in zulu?

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indoni yamanzi means a beautiful black stone or a beautiful black woman
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What is Zulu time?

Answer The process of aerial navigation involved taking repeated position readings using everything from maps to celestial observation. Celestial fixes were made using star charts based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The Army Air Forces adopted it not only for navigation but also for timing its worl ( Full Answer )

Who are the zulus?

The Zulu (South African English and isiZulu: amaZulu) are a South African ethnic group of about 10 million people who live mainly in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa . Small numbers also live in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique. Their language, isiZulu, is a Bantu language; more specific ( Full Answer )

What does the word zulu mean?

In relation to the universal Zulu nation it means, "the Heavens" and "strength in numbers". Zulu was the founder of the Zulu nation which means Heaven, his mother playing a big role.

Who was shaka zulu?

Shaka was well known due to the fact that he rose from a second class status to unite a nation and a people and to create an empire that rivaled Napoleon at the same time, gaining military victories over the great British army, at the time the most powerful empire on earth. He was the greatest Afric ( Full Answer )

Where did the Zulu word 'muti' - meaning traditional medicine - get its name?

According to Wikipedia, "the word muti is derived from the Zulu word for tree, of which the root is -thi." It also says that "this noun is of the umu / imi class, consequently the singular (tree) is rendered Umuthi and plural (trees) is Imithi. Since the pronunciation of the initial vowel of this um ( Full Answer )

Causes of the Zulu War?

the zulu war was caused by the british because Dutch "Boers" took over a port and named it cape town. then the boers moved into zulu territory and found out the were sitting on a gold mine! word got around and war broke out

What was the Zulu War?

The Zulu War was between the Zulu tribes and the British troops. The British were trying to overtake the southern part of South Africa and the Zulu's tried to stop it and they succesfully did so. War lasted from 1878 to 1879

What is the zulu word for where?

kuphi. That's if you say for example: Uhlala kuphi ? Or you can use the suffix - phi . Like Uhlala phi ? or Uya phi ?

Who are the Zulu?

The Zulu people (amaZulu) are a African tribe found in SouthernAfrica. Their history dates back back to the early 1700's and was formedout of a number of Bantu tribes that had migrated down the eastcoast of Africa. The name, Zulu means heaven or sky, so they are often referred toas "people of the s ( Full Answer )

How did the zulus fight?

Very, very bravely. A fierce, martial nation of South Africa , their great leaders were King Chaka & later Cetchewayo. (Played in the great film Zulu by Gatcha Butelezi) That these tribesmen would destroy a modern armed column as they did at Isandlwana & fight as they did on the same day at Rorkes ( Full Answer )

Where do zulus live?

In South Africa Most Zulus live in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province of South Africa. But many have moved to find work in major cities in other parts of South Africa such as Johannesburg.

What does Shaka Zulu mean?

Shaka kaSenzangakhona (c. 1787 - c. 22 September 1828), also knownas Shaka Zulu , was the most influential leader of the ZuluKingdom..

Where is Zulu spoken?

About 36 million of the world's population speak the language centered in countries like South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The list of countries that have speakers of the Zulu language is vast. Diplomatic services across the world insure that most languages are spoken across the span of ( Full Answer )

What did Shaka Zulu do?

He was the founder of the Zulu nation in South Africa. Shaka (ca. 1878 - 1828) turned his small Zulu clan into a formidable force by overpowering neighbouring clans, establishing his kingdom and ruling with absolute power.

What is Zulu and Xhosa?

Zulu and Xhosa are tribes in South Africa. Xhosa and Zulu are two of the eleven official languages in South Africa. Before they were Zulu and Xhosa they were Ngunis. these two are the largest Nguni nations in South Africa their languages which are related are the mostly spoken.

What is Zulu hours?

Zulu time is the military term for Greenwich Mean Time. It is the time in Greenwich, England. So if you are underway on a ship at sea, and all of the Navy uses GMT, if you say, "at 1900 hrs Zulu we are going to ........" Then all the forces anywhere in the world can know that at 1900 Zulu this will ( Full Answer )

Shaka zulu did what?

Shaka Zulu was a Zulu prince, he became king after his dad died in 1827.

When did the Zulus exist?

The Zulu have lived in Africa for many thousands of years. It is believed they arrived in southern Africa about two thousand years ago. Today, the Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa, numbering close to twelve million people. Their language is Zulu, part of the Bantu language group, ( Full Answer )

Who is chaka zulu?

Chaka Zulu was a king of South Africa.He was cruel and didn't like anyone.But he was an amazin worior and had religious magical powers.

How do you improve your zulu?

The best way to improve your language skills in any language is simply to speak the language every day. Otherwise, you can try taking a course in Zulu at a university.

What is a dog zulu?

a dog zulu is a black dog who has rabies aND HAS A FREIND CALLED ROBBIE LOL a dog in zulu is called inja.

Where does a Zulu live?

Today, the Zulu population is about 10 to 11 million. The live inSouthern Africa in the province of KwaZulu in the nation of Natal.

How tall are Zulus?

Despite popular belief, Zulu people aren't that tall and are actually quite short being on average about 5ft.

What time is it in Zulu time now?

Zulu time is based on a 24 hour system, there is no am or pm. 6am is the same as 0600h 11:59 am is the same as 1159h 1pm is the same as 1300h 5pm is the same as 1700h 9pm is the same as 2100h 11:59pm is the same as 2359h

Where is Shaka Zulu buried?

Burial: Couper Street Monument Stanger KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa Plot: Monument on Couper Street, the main entrance to Stanger

What is traditional Zulu clothing?

Traditional Zulu clothing is made out of fibers like straw and cotton as well as animal hides. Zulu women traditionally cover their heads, wearing distinctive straw hats, as a sign of respect. Traditional Zulu clothing is very colorful and almost always incorporates bead work. Some bead work has sym ( Full Answer )

What is the film zulu about?

The 1964 film " Zulu" is about the native Zulu's attack upon British forces at Rorke's Drift in 1879 . The film starred Michael Cain and Jack Hawkins among others . It was a significant defeat of a modern British army by a indigenous/native force .

Do zulus vary physically?

Yes. All plants and animals - including humans - have slightly different DNA. This results in physical variations.

Did Shaka Zulu have any siblings?

Yes, two half-brothers, Dingane and Mhlangana, who murdered him later in 1828 when his actions became too out-of-hand. Also Sigujana (killed to take the throne in 1816), Nomcomba (sister), Ngwate & Mpande (younger brothers)

Where in South Africa did the Zulu lived?

On the East Coast of South Africa in a region called Kwazulu- Natal. Main big city is Durban , and they still live there. Current king is King Goodwill Zwelitini

Were the Zulu gay?

I'm not sure that Zulus see sex in the same way you do. But like any culture, there are probably some who are primarily attracted to others of the same sex.

Why is GMT called Zulu?

Because it's +- 0 (Zero) hours GMT. Since the phonetic alphabet pronunciation of "Z" is "Zulu," it's called Zulu time.

Who colonized the zulus?

Technically the Zulu people were not colonized, their land wasthough for a stage, by the British.

What did the zulus use as shelter?

Zulus lived in homesteads instead of villages. their homesteads were known as the umuzi. it was surrounded by a hedge made of several beehive like nuts known as kroal's. they were also built from flexible saplings and thatched grass were laid on top strapped down by grass ropes. the floor inside was ( Full Answer )

How do you count in Zulu?

0 = iqanda. 1 = ukunye. 2 = isibili. 3 = kuthathu. 4 = okune. 5 = isihlanu.; 6 = isithupa. 7 = isikhombisa. 8 = isihyagolombili. 9 = isihyagloluyne. 10 = ishumi

What did the zulus do?

The Zulu were a warrior people who fought the surrounding tribes,Boers and the British most famous chief was Shaka's was murdered by his brother before the British arrived.Dingane was their leader in fighting the British.They are a noble and friendly people.

What does Baba mean in Zulu?

according to my understanding a word baba can be varied to a purpope of using, firstly is that a male parent who brought u in this world and we as zulu's often use it when we actually pray meaning we call god baba.

When did the Zulu people begin and when did they end?

The Zulus emerged from the Bantu speaking groups of African people, who migrated south from East Africa, perhaps as early as the 11th Century A.D. Zulu was the name of the ancestor who founded the Zulu royal line in about 1670. The Zulu people are still going strong. They are estimated to make up 2 ( Full Answer )

How was shaka Zulu buried?

He was assassinated, dumped in a grain pit which was covered with stones and mud. The exact site is not known, bu thought to be in Stanger, South Africa

Where The Zulus lived in?

The highest concentration of Zulus is in the province of KwaZulu Natal of South Africa.

What does the Zulu word Jantoni mean in English?

The Zulu language ( isiZulu ) has no such word and the element "-toni" does not occur anywhere in the language - it is always "-doni" in native words. The element "Jan-" only occurs in the adopted word uJanuwali, taken from English January. Jantoni is more likely to be an adaptation of an English ( Full Answer )

Will you marry me in zulu?

"Do you want to marry me?" in Zulu would be "Uyafuna ukushadanami?" There are about 10 million Zulu speakers in the world, most of whom hail from South Africa.

How did shaka Zulu create the Zulu kingdom?

Depends on what you're looking for there. In some ways Shaka didn't create it, his mentor and friend Dingiswayo did. While Shaka was growing up and moving from pillar to post Dinigiswayo was king of the Mthethwa tribe, he bagan building a confederacy of all the neighbouring clans. Shaka when he reac ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Zulu time?

Zulu time is also knows as Universal Coordinated Time. It is usually expressed in terms of a 24 hour clock. Zulu time is the primary time standard used by the military.