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What does neuroforaminal narrowing mean?

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it is a constricted opening that nerves pass through

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Is it Neural foraminal narrowing or neuroforaminal narrowing?

neuroforaminal narrowing

What is neuroforaminal?

The term 'neuroforaminal' refers to the foramen in the spinal cord. Narrowing usually happens to the foramen and the nerves associated with it get affected.

What is narrowing of the neural forma mean?

narrowing of the neural forma means, a constricted or narrow opening that nerves pass through.Depending on the narowed area where the nerves pass through the spinal cord will dictate the parts of body affected by neuroforaminal stenosis.common symptoms are: Pain,Tingling, Numbness, Weakness.

What does left paracentral herniation C5-C6 withindents the thecal sac and mild left neuroforaminla narrowing at this level mean?

This seems like a "slipped disc" in the spine around the neck region (cervical spine) which is causing pressure on the surroundings of the spinal cord and nerve routes. The Mild left neuroforaminal narrowing refers to a narrowing of the cavity in the spine where nerves leave the spinal cord. Hope that helps! If in doubt, consult the radiologist or physician who produced this report. Student Doctor

What is narrowing of the disk L4-5?

what is narrowing of the L4-5 disc mean and what can be done to treat it

What does the suffix -stenosis mean?


What does it mean there is narrowing on your spinal cord?


What does the medical term stenosis mean?

It means narrowing.

What does the term aortostenosis mean?

Aortostenosis means narrowing of the aorta.

What does high-grade ostial stenosis mean?

Stenosis means narrowing of an opening or tube. High-grade means that narrowing is severe.

What does angiostenosis mean?

Abnormal narrowing of one or more blood vessels.

Is the digital divide widening or narrowing?


What does narrowing of the subarticular recesses mean?

The subarticular recesses are located in the lumbar spinal canal. A narrowing of the subarticular recesses is referred to as lateral recess stenosis for which surgery may be required.

What does stenosis of the right foramen mean?

narrowing of the right opening through which the nerve passes

What does the suffix stenosis mean?

It means narrowing and/or blocking of a blood vessel or tubular organ.

What does stenosis proximally mean?

Stenosis means narrowing and proximal means closer to the body.

What is the medical term meaning narrowing of a vessel?

Vasoconstriction is normal physiologic narrowing, and angiostenosis is abnormal narrowing.Stenosis

What is central canal narrowing?

what ismoderate central canal narrowing

What does mild right neural foraminal narrowing C4-5 due to right uncinate hypertrophy mean?

neurol foraminal right narrowing c4-5 mild moderate can it be serious?

What is the meaning of narrowing?

Narrowing is a decrease in space between two or more objects. For example, the condition spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column.

What is the medical term meaning narrowing of the bronchus?

Bronchostenosis is abnormal narrowing of the bronchus.

What is the medical term meaning narrowing of the sphincter?

Stenosis means abnormal narrowing. Pyloric stenosis is the medical term meaning narrowing of the pyloric sphincter.

What is the medical term meaning narrowing of the ureter?

Ureterostenosis means narrowing or stricture of the ureter.

Is the development gap widening or narrowing?

Well it depends if you are having an orgasm or not. If you are its narrowing, if not its widening.

Suffix meaning abnormal tightening or narrowing?

-stenosis means abnormal tightening or narrowing.

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