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Q: What does no person who acts in reliance upon any representation of my agent as to the scope of my agent's authority?
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What does is mean no person who acts in reliance upon any representation of my agent as to the scope of my agent's authority granted under this document shall incur any liability to me?

This statement can come in handy for someone who performs an act or claims possession of something using the word of someone who was granted the authority to act upon the behalf of someone. An example would be that if a power of attorney gave possession of a vehicle to someone, the person who took possession of the vehicle would not be liable if they had good faith that the person was authorized to give them the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle would have to pursue action against the power of attorney and not the person who the power of attorney gave the vehicle to.

What is a recovery agent in terms of PKI?

A person who has the authority to restore a lost key. Some companies choose to require two people (agents) to be present to restore a key.

Can you get a power of attorney of your parents estate if they are deceased?

Yes, a person has the authority to name whomever he/she wishes. Additionally, that person can name multiple agents for power of attorney.

What Is A Visual Representation Of A Person?

a picture :)

What is vicarious representation?

Vicarious representation refers to acting that is done on behalf on another person. This may be through actions or feelings of another person.

What is the term Authority in the methods of acquiring knowledge in research methods?

Authority is when you accept the information that a famous person or a person of authority tells you. For example, your parents or grandparents can be seen as an authority.

What is a pictorial representation of a person in profile?


What is media representation?

A person's culture shapes how the person will interpret representations.

What does appointing authority mean?

a person or a group have authority to appoint you..

Who is the person who signs contracts for a supermodel?

Their agents

Justifiably vs actual reliance?

Actual reliance is when the party acts or refrains from acting due to another person's misrepresentation of a material fact. Justifiable reliance is the party who is relying on the misstatement has the right to rely on it. (for exp. they have peculiar knowledge on the issue at hand) .

What is the definition of higher authority?

A person or some people that has more authority than you or has authority over you.