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Raising the activation energy

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Q: What does not generally speed upa reaction?
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What can you decrease to speed up a chemical reaction?

Decreasing the activation energy generally will speed up the reaction.

What effects does temperature have on chemical changes?

Generally the speed of reaction increase when the temperature is increased.

What effect does temperature have on a chemical change?

Generally the speed of reaction increase when the temperature is increased.

What is a rate of a reaction?

Rate of reaction is the speed at which a chemical reaction is taking place. Reactions do not progress at a constant speed (usually). The rate is generally dependent on the amount of one or more reactants remaining in the system.

Who is chairman of UPA?

chairman of UPA is SONIYA GANDHI.

What effect would an inhibitor have on the speed of a chemical reaction?

Inhibitors, generally, tend to increase the activation energy, thereby decreasing the rate of the reaction.

Speed of reaction?

This is the speed at which a reaction progresses.

As the temperature of a chemical reaction in the gas phase is increased the rate of the reaction increases because?

Increasing the temperature generally increases the speed with which molecules move.

Will an increased temp and an increased concentration speed up a chemical reaction?

Generally, yes. Unless the product of the reaction should be ammonia for example, where a decreased temperature is needed. A catalyst from the transition metals will speed up a reaction too, for example a nickel catalyst in the process of the hydrogenation of margerine as it lowers the activation energy needed for the reaction to start. Increased pressure will also speed up the reaction, no matter what reaction is occurring.

How is the speed of a chemical reaction related to the spontaneity of the reaction?

The speed of a given chemical reaction is directly responsible for spontaneity of the reaction. The reaction force and effect is contingent upon the speed of the reaction. The faster the reaction, the more force will be produced.

What affects the speed of a chemical reaction?

Most generally: temperature, concentration, dispersion more specifically: catalyst or enzyme (biocatalyst).

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