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What does omnia cum deo mean?


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It means "Everything with God".

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"He/she is with God now."

Literally: I cum Deo (for talking to one person) Ite cum Deo (for talking to multiple people)

Värmlands regemente's motto is 'Cum Deo et victribus armis'.

If optima is the plural form of optimum, then rather than Optima Cum Deo meaning "Everything with God" it could be better translated "The best with God" .

The motto of José Matías Delgado University is 'Omnia Cum Honore'.

One Latin equivalent of 'Go with God' is I cum Deo. In the word-by-word translation, the verb 'i' is an imperative verb meaning '[you] go'. The preposition 'cum' means 'with'. The noun 'Deo' means 'God'.Another Latin equivalent is Ite cum Deo. In this case, the verb is in the second person plural instead of the second person singular. The translation therefore is 'you all', in regard to more than one listener.

The sentence 'Omnia mea mecum porto' means I carry all my things with me. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'omnia' means 'all'. The possessive 'mea' means 'my'. The personal pronoun 'me' means 'me'. The preposition 'cum' means 'with'. The verb 'porto' means '[I] am carrying, carry, do carry'.

The motto of Saratoga Central Catholic High School is 'Omnia Pro Deo'.

Lyon College's motto is 'Perseverantia Omnia Vincent Deo Volente -- Perseverance Conquers All, God Willing.'.

"With God for a leader, with God for a light."

deo gratias means thanks be to God

"Who with the Father"... The full liturgical phrase being "Qui cum patre et spiritu sancto vivit et regnat deus per omnia sexula. Amen"... Translated as: "Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, God forever and ever, Amen".

Deo means "god" in English. Deus is the Latin word for god and deo is the Spanish word for god.

In omnia paratus means IN ALL THINGS BE PREPARED

St. Paul Secondary School's motto is 'omnia cum corde - everything with heart.'.

The motto of Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit is 'Solus Cum Deo Solo'.

Deo means of God eg in nomine Deo = in the name of God Gite is a French term for a holiday chalet.

"Doxa deo" is actually a combination of words from two different languages. "Doxa" is Greek for "glory" and "deo" is Latin for "god."

Cum is a Latin word meaning 'with'. It can also mean 'when' if it is in a cum clause with an indirect statement.

'Amor Vincit Omnia' in latin means 'Love conquers all' in English.

Cum usually functions as the preposition "with," but can also mean "when" and often is part of what is known as a cum-circumstantial clause, where it can be taken as "when" or a causal word (e.g. since or because).

cum -[Late 19th century. [kum]prepositioncum can be used to mean-together with,along with,in combination with,or functioning as (informal)* eg.a sofa cum bed.* He lives and works in an apartment cum office.

"God in the Highest", as in "Gloria in excelcis Deo", meaning "Glory to God in the Highest".

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