What does on paper mean?

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write it down, don't just answer in your head.

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Q: What does on paper mean?
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Does litmus paper mean filter paper?


What does the word paper cranes mean?

cranes made of paper

What do you mean by tinted paper?

Tinted paper is paper in any color other than white.

What is Spanish for NO PAPER?

If what you mean is to tell someone that there is no paper, it is "No hay papel."

What is the names of twp paper mills?

the name of the paper why you mean ? the twp?

What does the size of A4 paper mean?

it means the size of paper that you are using

How do you say paper tree in Japanese?

this depends on the meaning of "paper tree" if you mean a tree that will used to make paper kami no tame no ki if you mean a tree made of paper kami de dekitteiru ki

What does PAR mean on your court paper?

What does PAR mean on your court paper?Read more:

What is the plural for paper?

The plural of paper is papers. However, you can also say "That is a lot of paper", and it will mean more than one piece of paper.

What does origami mean?

Origami means folding paper in Japanese. Or paper folding.

What does case file paper look like?

What do you mean by "case file paper" ?

Who is x in paper Mario?

If you mean paper mario ttyd, then x is Grubba.

What blue litmus paper mean?

This is a pH paper used to test acidity.

How do you respond to a research paper?

It depends what you mean. Do you mean how do you answer the question?

What does sheet mean?

A SHEET of paper.

What is a concept paper?

what is does a concept mean

What does paper mache mean?


What does stationery mean?

ITS A KIND OF PAPERSTATIONERY MEANpaper cut to an appropriate size for writing letters; usually with matching envelopes

What does paper-faced mean in Shakespeare?

It means his face is white like paper.

What is the grepe paper in british word?

I'm not sure whether you mean crepe paper or graphpaper. Crepe paper, a crinkled paper that is semi elastic. Graph paper has lines ruled for graphic presentation.

What does PPC mean?

plain paper copier

What does compisition mean?

It a piece of paper with work

What does the Spanish word Papel mean?


What does it mean if you eat paper?

that your sexually frustrated...

What does subtitle mean in a sentence?

Subtitles were on my paper.