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What does one do if a guy calls you everyday and he has a girlfriend for 3 years and flirts with you and you have so much in common and your exactly the one he is looking for and the perfect girl?

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2007-05-01 18:32:28

If he's had that same girfriend for three years she must be

perfect or he would of never of been with her for that long, you

need to move on because if hes been with her for that long then

there in love and you dont want to be the person responsible when

they do break up and he dates you then he relizes that he dont like

you he likes her and he trys to go back to her and he cant then you

would be the one who feels like crap so i suggest that you just

leave it alone before you all get hurt. and just to let you know i

know this because the same exact thing happend to me i was with a

guy for three years and they started dating and he asked me back

out and we started dating again but then we broke up and he started

dating her again and now hes not with either of us so please just

leave it alone before everyonje gets hurt its for your own


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