What does one have to do in order to go to heaven?

To go to heaven, one needs to accept Our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and EVERYTHING that He said. He said, quite plainly, in appointing His apostles (the first Bishops of the Church) everyone who accepts you, accepts ME; everyone who rejects you, rejects ME, and the ONE who sent ME. Thus, to gain heaven is to follow Christ in His Church (the holy Catholic Church), to take up one's cross daily and follow Him. We are to conform our lives to His, and this includes His complete subjection to the Father's Will, and His very death on the cross. Unless we die to ourselves, we will never find life.

== == Answer First you must believe in God. Then you must repent and be baptized for the forgivness of your sins. You can't stop there though. You must live life for God not for yourself and really love God so much for what his son did