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The best thing for something who isn't as fortunate (ceiling) is another more fortunate mans floor or something not valuable (floor)

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Q: What does one man's ceiling is another man's floor mean?
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What does the term floor load mean?

stacked from floor to ceiling

What does the math symbol floor mean?

The floor and ceiling functions give you the nearest integer up or down.Example: What is the floor and ceiling of 2.31?The Floor of 2.31 is 2The Ceiling of 2.31 is 3

What does ones mans meat is another mans poison mean?

something that one person likes may be disliked by another

What does mans humanity to man mean?

to be nice to one another

Whats does it mean when another guy pinchs another mans nipples?

It means they are homo's

What does the word joist mean?

Joist = one of the parallel pieces of timber to which the boards of a ceiling or floor are fastened

What do you mean by false ceiling n which ceiling is suitable to wch room?

A false ceiling is a ceiling which is lower than the real ceiling attached to the joists. False ceilings are often used in kitchens and on the first floors of houses with different tenants living on the second floor.

What does the 69 mean?

its when you eat another mans testicals till the poo turns white and they do the same to you

What does coombed mean?

A coombed ceiling is a ceiling which slopes downward.

What does it mean to have an income ceiling?

in this instance a ceiling would indicate a limit

What does the r in r-value mean?

The R-value of insulating material is an indication of its effectiveness in reducing heat flow through walls, floor, and ceiling of a structure.

What does tessellation mean in math?

Tessellation is a pattern of shapes without gaps or overlapping shapes. Examples would be floor tiles, bricks, ceiling tiles etc.

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