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yellow flame needs more air or cleaned orange flame could indicate moisture in the fuel if propane have your tank treated your L.P. dealer should be able to do this also I have seen this when people use hemidfers the orange is burnning of the minerals in the water

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Q: What does orange in the flame on a gas furnace indicate?
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What does a yellow flame indicate on a gas furnace?

its hot!

what dose a yellow flame mean on a gas furnace?

Yellow flames from a natural gas furnace indicate that the combustion ratio is off and you have too much excess air in the mixture, if the discolored flame is isolated in the burner meaning on only 1 out of 3 or more then the burner/orifice may be out of alignment or there maybe a crack in the exchangers cell.

Seguence of operation for a direct ignition gas furnace?

If the furnace is direct ignition, The HSI or spark ignites the flame. A flame sensor passes current through the flame, if current is present the main.

Where is the furnace pilot located?

The gas furnace pilot (flame is lit all the time) is sometimes referred to as a pilot light, but no matter what you call it, its purpose is to serve as a small ignition flame for the gas burner. And when this little flame fails to operate properly or go out, it's one of the most common reasons a gas furnace will fail to operate.

Why is gas flame blue and orange?

A blue flame means you are getting a good gas/air mixture. If it is orange or yellow then there is more gas than air and should be adjusted.

How does a gas furnace pilot flame stay burning?

with gas? hence gas furnace? theres a gas pipe that puts the gas into 3-4 tube things tht keep lit by the gas bruhhh

On a gas furnace what energizes the blower motor in heat mode?

flame sensor

Qhat does a yellow flame in the bunsen burner indicate?

In any heat source that produced by the flames, the color indicate the temperature. Blue is the hottest followed by yellow and orange.

What is the difference between a yellow gas flame and a orange gas flame?

Well like with any flame, the lighter the flame, the higher the temperature of the flame. If the flam is burning Yellow, it is at a higher temperature and is burning more oxygen than an orange flame is. That is your difference other than the color.

What does orange in the flame on a gas stove top mean?

Improper gas/air mixture.

How does a flame rod work?

The main circuit board in your furnace sends a small ac signal to the flame rod so now you have an ac potential from the body of the furnace to the flame rod, When the flame comes on between the body of the furnace and the rod it rectifies the ac in to dc, The flame actually acts like a diode. When this dc voltage is sensed by the control board it knows there is a flame present and thus keeps the gas valve on. Hope this helps

What is pilot gas in a furnace?

Pilot gas is the very small flow/burner used to maintain an ignition flame in a gas appliance. Sometimes called a pilot light, or pilot flame, it's used to ignite the main burner.

When you cook spaghetti in water you have salted with NaCl When the water boils it causes the flame of the gas burner to turn bright orange How would you explain the appearance of a color in the flame?

The sodium turns the flame bright orange..

When water is salted and boils overcausing the flame of the gas burner to turn bright orange .why?

The color of sodium in flame is yellow (not orange) and it is due to an emission line from the sodium spectrum.

How does flame rectification works in a gas furnace?

AC voltage(at least 90vac) pass through the flame sensor and the ionization of the flame creates or rectifies the voltage to DC and a small microamp that can be measured with a meterl.

What causes of the flame to be orange when the airholes of the Bunsen burner is close?

The flame appears to have an orange color depending on the amount of gas being burned. The orange color is also due to the light spectrum that your eyes are catching.

What is the color of a relatively cool flame?

The orange-yellow (or even red-black) gas flame is the coolest (350oC), the white-blue flame is much hotter.

How do you identify an electric furnace from a gas furnace?

an electric furnace runs off of 208/230 Volts while a typical gas furnace runs off of 120 also a gas furnace will have a valve for the gas relay where the gas enters the furnace.

Why gas gives blue flame?

The hotter a hydrocarbon gas burns, the bluer the flame. An orange flame indicates a cool flame with incomplete combustion since soot (unburnt carbon) glows orange. Hydrogen gas burns so completely and so hot that it emits light in the ultraviolet. You cannot see a hydrogen gas flame. Alcohol fires, similarly, tend to burn very efficiently and are nearly invisible--as anybody who watches NASCAR races knows.

How does a flame sensor works?

A flame sensor is a safety mechanism installed on gas furnaces. It is located directly between the burners and the gas supply. When your gas kicks on, the flame sensor MUST detect a flame. This safety mechanism is to prevent your house from filling up with un-lit gas. Even if your burners are igniting, if your Flame Sensor is dirty (covered in carbon from typical use) it will fault out, thus shutting off the furnace over and over. If this is the case, your furnace will kick on every 2 minutes (because the thermostat tells it your house is too cold) and then will shut off after 5 or 10 seconds as a result of the Flame Sensor Fault.

How does a natural gas furnace work?

Natural gas furnaces work by combining natural gas with air and lighting it. This results in a flame that heats up the air and warms the rest of the house.

What does the yellow flame in the Bunsen burner indicate?

The yellow flame of a Bunsen burner indicates the presence of carbon particles (soot) and an incomplete combustion of methane gas.

Why does your dad's gas flame and or pilot light go out when the side door gets closed?

I'm assuming you mean the furnace? If the pilot light keeps going out on the furnace, you probably have a rusted through or cracked heat exchanger. Unfortunately the only way to fix the problem is to replace the furnace. IM THE ONE WHO ASKED THE QUESTIONN THIS IS NOT A FURNACE IT IS A GAS HEATER THAT HE PUT IN HIS DINNING ROOM

Where to get a schematic for a gas furnace?

You can find a schematic for a gas furnace on the website, Uncionradio.

Your gas heater is blowing cold air The furnace flame will turn on for about 10 seconds then shut off It only turns on about once every 5 minutes Any ideas?

Probably the flame sensor.