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# Co-ordinate. # Arrange for orchestra.

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Q: What does orchestral mean?
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Is orchestral a compound noun?

No. Orchestral is an adjective.

How do you use the word orchestral in a sentence?

john sat down to compose an orchestral arrangement Tim looked at the orchestral score

What is the orchestral song playing at the end of Pineapple Express?

That would be I Didn't Mean To Hurt You by Spiritualized

Which is the largest orchestral family?

The string family is the largest group in the orchestral family

When was Lanarkshire Orchestral Society created?

Lanarkshire Orchestral Society was created in 1957.

When was Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark created?

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark was created in 1978.

When was Orchestral Favorites created?

Orchestral Favorites was created on 1979-05-04.

When was Orchestral Works created?

Orchestral Works was created on 1970-05-28.

What do you call the beginning of an orchestral piece?

In an opera, the beginning of an orchestral piece is called an overture. Other orchestral performances don't have a special name for the beginning.

What is an orchestral player?

An orchestral player is someone who plays in an orchestra like a violinist or a cellist.

How many strings are on an orchestral harp?

The modern orchestral harp typically has 47 strings.

What are the five orchestral families?

There are 4 orchestral families: string, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

Is a trumpet an orchestral instrument?

Yes. Most orchestral pieces call for two trumpets.

When was The Orchestral Tubular Bells created?

The Orchestral Tubular Bells was created on 1975-08-28.

When was Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique created?

Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique was created in 2001.

When was West Side Orchestral Concerts created?

West Side Orchestral Concerts was created in 1961.

When was Orchestral Manoeuvres In Belfast created?

Orchestral Manoeuvres In Belfast was created on 2007-05-03.

What is the adjective for orchestra?

It is orchestral.

What string instruments are found in the orchestral?

Traditionally, we can find a violin, cello, viola, and bass used in an orchestral arrangement.

What are relatives of the Double bass?

If you mean other members of the String family (bowed) of orchestral instruments: Violin Viola Cello

What is a composition for an orchestral ensemble?


What is an orchestral score?

the whole symphoni

Is the harp an orchestral instrument?

Yes. It is.

Who performs an orchestral composition?

An Orchestra

Can the harp be part of orchestral strings?

No it can not