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What does oxygen do during photosynthesis?

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Oxygen doesn't do anything during photosynthesis, oxygen is produced when photosynthesis occurs and is then released from the plants.

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Is oxygen released during photosynthesis?

Yes, oxygen is eleased during the process of photosynthesis.

What is the oxygen formed during photosynthesis called?

Oxygen formed during photosynthesis is the gas O2.

How does photosynthesis use oxygen?

The process of photosynthesis does not use oxygen, rather oxygen is produced as a bye product during photosynthesis.

What gases are formed during photosynthesis?

Oxygen is formed during the photosynthesis.

Why can oxygen be used to measure the rate of photosynthesis?

oxygen is released during photosynthesis

What is the source of the oxygen gas during photosynthesis?

The source of oxygen for photosynthesis is water.

What happens to oxygen during the process of photosynthesis?

plants take in the oxygen and let out the carbon dioxide during photosynthesis

Is oxygen is made during photosynthesis?

Yes, Oxygen is made during Photosynthesis The Formula goes: Carbon Dioxide + Water -------- Glucose + Oxygen

Can oxygen can enter the atmosphere during photosynthesis?

Yes oxygen enters the air during photosynthesis after the plant has produced sugar it releases oxygen

Where does the oxygen gas released during photosynthesis come from?

Oxygen is one of the products of photosynthesis.

Is oxygen the gas given off during photosynthesis?

Yes. Oxygen is a product of photosynthesis.

What is made in plants during photosynthesis?

Glucose and Oxygen is made during Photosynthesis.Added:Carbohydrates (starch, cellulose) AND oxygen

Why is it important that plants give off oxygen during photosynthesis?

Why is it important that plants give off oxygen during photosynthesis

Which two gases are exchanged during photosynthesis?

During photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged. The plant uses the carbon dioxide for the photosynthesis and expels oxygen.

Is oxygen needed for photosynthesis?

Oxygen is NOT neede for photosynthesis.... although Carbon dioxide is neededOxygen is produced during photosynthesis. This is produced by photliyis of water

How can you prove that oxygen is evolved during the photosynthesis?

by using hydrilla we can prove that oxygen is evolved in photosynthesis

What would happen if oxygen we're not produced during photosynthesis?

Then photosynthesis would not be happening because oxygen is a by product of photosynthesis

Where does the oxygen in photosynthesis come from?

Oxygen is one of the by-products of photosynthesis. It comes from the breakdown of water molecules in plants during photosynthesis.

What substances produced during photosynthesis?

Glucose and Oxygen gas are produced during photosynthesis.

How does the plant get oxygen?

Most of autotrophic plants get major amount of oxygen from photosynthesis. During night, when there is no photosynthesis, oxygen by plants is obtained from air However, the amount of oxygen released during photosynthesis by plants is manifold of their requirement for respiration.

What is oxygen produced as during photosynthesis?

Diatomic Oxygen - O2.

What gas is produced during photosynthesis?

Oxygen (O2) is produced in photosynthesis.

A compound that is split during photosynthesis is?

Carbon dioxide is split into carbon and oxygen during photosynthesis.

What do plant give off during the photosynthesis?

During photosynthesis, plants give off oxygen.

During photosynthesis plants produce glucose and release what?

Plants release oxygen during photosynthesis.