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Do you mean Pt as in Pints? Or do you mean P.T. as in Power Take Off? You can measure the power at a Power Take Off.

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What does PT stand for in PT boat?

Patrol Torpedo

What does pt stand for in cooking?

Pt stands for Pint, as in a pint of water

What does the abbreviation or acronym PT stand for?

PT is an abbreviation for term physical training. pt is an abbreviation for pint. Pt is the symbol for platinum.

What does m stand for in measuring?

meter, if you are measuring distance

What does PT and PW stand for in a budget?

PT - Part Time PW - Per Week

What does Pt stand for on the periodic table?


What does pt stand for in the metric system?

There is no pt in the metric system. In the Imperial system, it stands for pint.

What does the symbol Pt stand for on the periodic table?


What does pt stand for in a text message?

physical therapy

What does the pt stand for in deck building?

Pressure Treated

What does the pt stand for on a Taurus pistol?

Pistol, Tarurus

What does PT stand for after a doctor?

Physical Therapy or physiotherapy

What does mm stand for in measuring?


Is PT of 18.3 input close to normal and what does PT stand for in medical terms?

PT means prothrombin time; 18.3 sounds too slow. Normal is about 9

On a measuring tape what does M stand for?


What does cc in measuring stand for?

cubic centimeters

What does PT stand for in the name of the auto PT Cruiser?

The "PT" in "PT Cruiser" stands for "Personal Transportation," as expressed at the 2002 PT Cruiser owners event at the Chrysler Headquarters in Auburn Hills Michigan. The event included a question and answer session with Chrysler Engineers from the PT Cruiser team where this question was raised and addressed. It does NOT stand for "Panel Cruiser" as the "woody" panel look was not added as factory option until a couple of years after the vehicles launch.

What does the AFS stand for on Taurus PT 100?

Automatic FiringPin Safety

What does pt stand for in measurement?

1pt usually means one pint

What does pt stand for capacity units?

It might be short for pint.

What does pt stand for in chapter ten of Bridge to Terabithia?

Prince Terrien

What does metry stand for in geometry?

to measure; the act of measuring

What does mbar stand in measuring central pressure of hurricanes?

mbar stands for millibars, a unit of measuring pressure.

When you stand on a scale the scale is measuring what?

Strictly, it's measuring weight, but most are calibrated to give mass.

What does the I dimension stand for when measuring dimensions?

It is probably a designation for a datam