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PL usually stands for "Personal Liability" and PD for "Property Damage"

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Q: What does pL and PD mean?
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What does PL PD mean?

In the automobile insurance industry, PL stands for public liability and PD stands for property damage.

Does pl pd insurance cover medical insurance?

Yes it does.

Does your pl pd insurance cover damages to the other vehicle?


If you only have PL and PD car insurance what does it cover?

PL and PD car insurance stands for; public liability and property damage. The insurance will cover a loss to an individual, other than yourself, or damage to someone else's property.

Does PL PD cover a broken window?

Property damage on the vehicle or someone else's vehicle?

What does pd mean in text terms?


Is hitting a deer covered under PL PD?

no sorry about your luck if it took out your windshield it was a taller deer

What does 925 PD inside a ring mean?

PD 925

How much auto insurance do you need?

you only need pl and pd on a used car and full coverage on a new car

What is the difference between Full Coverage and Pl and PD insurance?

"Full Coverage" usually means you have enough coverage to fix your car and their car regardless of who is at fault. PI and PD only fixes their car and your injuries.

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.pl stands for Poland in email addresses.

What if you have pl-pd and the person who hit you has no insurance And left the accedentWhat will uninsured or under insured moterest cover?

If you have insurance call your agent.

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Pw= power windows Pl= power locks

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