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This is one of those situations where you need to go to a doctor. In person. You already know that pain and burning and trouble breathing are not good. No one is able to (or will) diagnose you online, whether they have medical training or not. You only have one body. Don't chance something serious on the response of strangers online. Please contact a health professional immediately. ~ T

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โˆ™ 2008-01-23 19:33:02
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Q: What does pain and burning in the upper right shoulder and trouble breathing mean?
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What would cause pain and burning in your right shoulder?

Aids....or you pulled a muscle

When making a pentacle upon onesself do you go from forehead to left shoulder or from forehead to left shoulder and continue to rt breast then?

Forehead to left breast. Left breast to right shoulder. Right shoulder to left shoulder. Left shoulder to right breast. Right breast to forehead. This is for a blessing, for a banishing to it in reverse.

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There are many meanings of a tattoo on the right shoulder, and it is usually subjective to the person who has the tattoo. One artist claims that by tattooing the right shoulder, you were not in your right mind.

Brett Favre -- Which shoulder had surgery?

it was his right shoulder

Where is the injection site for dhpp?

Right shoulder or between the shoulder blades.

Which shoulder do you throw salt over?

The right shoulder

What does it mean if a bird lands on your right shoulder?

It means that you have a right shoulder. Although if it is a shoulder-eating bird of prey, that may no longer be the case.

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The rule/right of way is left shoulder to left shoulder

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It is legal to ride a bicycle on a right shoulder of an expressway.

Bone sticking out of the top of your right shoulder?

i pitched in baseball for a couple of years, and my shoulder does the same thing. On my right shoulder, the bone feels loose, but there is no pain.

Is the left shoulder the contralateral shoulder?

'contralateral' means 'the other side'. So, if I'm talking about your right shoulder, the left is the contralateral. If I'm talking about your left shoulder, the right is the contralateral.

Name 4 ball and socket joints?

Left shoulder, right shoulder, left hip, right hip.

What viscera can refer pain to the right shoulder?

Gall bladder issues can refer pain to your right shoulder area.

How do you get asma?

you can get asthma by staying in the cold or you could be born with it.for a fact i am born with asthma, and you could have trouble breathing because the tracea can get swollen if i'm right i think.

What do you do when you dont have an inhaler for asthma?

just try to relax if you have an attack call 911 but if you have trouble breathing in its not asma its acually your vocal chords and all you can do their is relax asma is when you have trouble breathing out whoever wrote this is stupid.....asthma is when u cant breathe in or out. im dying right now u prick and u say i dont have asthma

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He doesn't have one on the right shoulder. On his right upper arm says Leo, the name of his son.

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he actually does, its true and its on wikipedia under personal life on his right shoulder

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if you are on the right hand side of the car you put the seatbelt on your right shoulder and if you are on the left put the seatbelt on your left shoulder

How do you know when your shoulder is dislocated?

well first of all you would be in allot of pain .trouble sleeping at night because you cannot get comfortable ,there is the constant nagging throbbing in you arm to the top of the shoulder I hope this is the answer you are looking for .x-rays should see and tell right away

Describe in directional terms the relationship between the right kneecap and the left shoulder?

The right kneecap contralateral and inferior to the left shoulder.

What happened 2 Drew's shoulder he's favoring his right on the Price is Right?

He seperated his clavical in his shoulder when running for his morning workout.

When your right shoulder has pains with your right chest?

The Magna Carta

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over your right shoulder with your left hand

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There is not a specific name for that white line on the right side of the road, however everything to the right of that white line is called the "Shoulder" or the "Right Shoulder".