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What does patronage mean?

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Quite simply, patronage is some form of support, usually money and/or resources, from someone with more money than you who likes you and/or who willingly offers assistance. Federal Pell Grants represent a sort of "governmental patronage" for a student. Great artists/musicians/writers often have patrons who bestow money upon them so they may continue to flourish in their trade. Hope this helps!

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What does general patronage mean?

it means shut up

How do you spell patronage?


What are patronage jobs?

what are patronage jobs?

What is the means of GP Rating?

Do you mean what does it mean, acording to me, There is no GP rating anymore, it is not used anymore, besides it mean General Patronage.

What does patronage or guidance mean?

it means some sort of support or resource Try Auspices

What does the movie rating GP mean?

General Patronage, it is an older rating not in use any more.

What effect did the Pendleton act have on the system patronage?

It partly eliminated the patronage system.

Sentence with the word patronage?

Political contenders vie for the patronage of wealthy citizens.

What is the origin of the word patronise and how did it come to mean both to visit regularly and to talk down to?


What patronage rewards?

Awards provided by companies to promote and encourage the purchasing of their products are called patronage rewards.

What is the synonyms of auspice?


What is the English of pagtangkilik?


What is the opposite of patronage?


What are the roles of advertising on consumer patronage of a product?

The roles of advertising on a consumer patronage of a product is to create customer awareness.

Main purpose of patronage?

Patronage is the act of providing approval and support. It is used to support or encourage a patron, as an institution or a cause.

What composers considered himself outside the bounds of the patronage system?

Beethoven considered himself outside the bounds of the patronage system.

Patronage in a sentence?

Patronage, simply put, basically means offices or jobs. Writing a good sentence is where you can use it to tell what the word means. Here's mine: Patronage was beginning to increase again and so the homeless were decreasing.

Use patronage in a sentence?

The word patronage is often used in reference to customers who frequent an establishment. An example of this word being used in a sentence would be, The store sent out calendars each year to thank customers for their patronage.

What is an example of patronage?

Patronage was popular during the Renaissance. It is the relationship between a wealthy family and artisan. An example is the Medici family and Botticelli.

Whats a patronage job?

Patronage refers to the corrupt practice of hiring friends, rather than looking for the best qualified applicant.

The distribution of government jobs to political supporters is called?

The distribution of government jobs to political supporters is called? PatronagePatronage by: Andrea Burke

What was the main purpose of patronage?

The main purpose of patronage is support. People patronize people in order to gain protection, money, and prestige in their environment.

What was the patronage system designed to do during the Jackson administration?

The patronage system was designed to, make the administration of government more responsive to ordinary citizens.

Did Monteverdi consider himself outside the bounds of the patronage system?

No, Monteverdi, who is considered a pioneer in the Baroque style of musical composition, was on the receiving end of the patronage system. During his period of time, patronage usually came from the courts, as opposed to private benefactors.

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