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What does peace mean?

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world peace means no war and fighting

2016-07-12 02:01:41
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Q: What does peace mean?
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What does the phrase peace out mean?

Peace out can mean Goodbye see you later or Later

What is 'peace' in Russian?

Peace -[ Mir ] [Мир] it's can mean world or peace.

What does a peace sign on fire mean?

Burn in peace

What does Pz mean when texting?

Peace; like 'peace out!'

What does the peace hand sign mean?

peace out homie

What dose peace mean?

peace means love not war peace out po ponas....

What does pcc4pcc mean?

it means peace 4 peace. i think

What does pledge to peace mean?

i think it means "all peace"

What is peace without victory mean?

it means that it is peace with out victory

What does pax mundi mean?

Peace of the world; world peace.

What does v mean in text?

its the peace sign....v = peace.

What does asalamalakim mean?

It comes from the Muslim's meaning, "Peace be with you" or "I come in Peace".

What does it mean to have a peace of mind?

Peace of mind means to be able to relax.

Does shanti mean peace in french?

No, the French word for peace is 'paix'

What does the peace sighn mean?

The Peace Sign is, basically, a symbol of peace. Usually people use it to express their want for world peace.

What do wings mean?

peace out

What does Eryn mean?


What does adat shalom mean?

Peace group or peace clubAnswer:Congregation of Peace. It's the name of a synagogue.

What does Salaam alaikum mean?

It mean Peace on you....instead of Saying hello Muslim says al salamu alaikum (peace on you)

Words that mean peace that start with e?

there are not many words that start with E that mean peace but i found equanimity on

World War 1 peace plan?

What do you mean about WWI peace plan?

What does the word 'peace' mean in the Bible?

No war, freedom for love

What does the peace flag mean?

it means we live in peace forever and no one will destroy it!

What does the doves mean at the Olympics?

They mean peace for all the countries.

What does friede mean in English?

peace, if you mean 'Frieden' in German.