What does permanet mean?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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cant get off or stay still forever

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Q: What does permanet mean?
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Does permanet mean forever?

ya definitely

What is better for lifting heavy metal objects eletromagnet or permanet magnet?

permanet object

How to unloced sonic in super smash?

for melee do adventure mode on very hard with 4 lives you can not continue or u won't unlock him. beat that 2 times then shoot as many cedits as u can then play 5 regulare battles. when that's over a new challenger will approuch and it will be sonic. he goes under fow i think.He will be permanet there. (this way he will be permanet other cheats only make it not permanet by that i mean when u turn the game off he goes away) but this 1 is permanet. enjoy.

Does semi-permanet wash out?

It will after aboout 6 washes.

When was flag day voted to be permanet holiday?

in the year 1949

How do you remove sharpie from your shoes?

That's Why It's Called PERMANET?

What is a material that can be made into a permanet magnet?

Iron, Cobalt and Nickel.

Were these shoshone temporary or permanent homes?

I think t it permanet

Which subsystem does permanet networking cabling within a belong to?

work area

A magnet made of a material that keeps its magnetism is called?

Permanet Magnet

People who moved westward went with the intention of?

establishing permanet settlements

Where was Ohios first permanet settlements built?

Marietta, Ohio (1788)